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Your are right Vance but from what I wa taugt the Keetowah started as a way of protecting John Ross and his followers in OK. The Chickamauga basically ended in the late 1700s with the death of Dragging Canoe, who was killed in the old territory, not OK, not Missouri, not Arkansas.

The folks that went to Arkansas it the late 1700s, early 1800s chose to do so. Some of my ancestors were among these. With The 1828 treaty most went to OK but like my ancestors some went to Texas but eventaully ended back in OK. Of course some of my ancestors stayed in NC. So not only do I know what has been taught i  the books but all the family stories that have been passed down every generation.

So many of these folks are clinging to straws, saying that thier ancestors escaped etc, etc. Not one of these folks can rewally prove who they are, who their ancestors are and grabbed onto the first shyster who comes along and fabricates history to fit their needs.

The written pass stuff is a great touch.

I know I read a few years back that some foplks in Missouri were trying to get recognized by the state. I think it was in News From Indian Country. They said t antone who even had 1/64 blood would be considered. It reminded me of an old Cherokee joke. now before I tell ypou all this joke, remember I am Cherokee and I heard it from a Cherokee.

What do you get when you put 64 Cherokees in a tipi?
One full blooded Cherokee.

My Cherokee cousins out there, don't get angry.



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