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The author of the following is talking about the county *I* live in!

I managed to get into the group he posted this to, after first being banned when I responded to a promotional message there about RLS, using a different ID.


Hello Prophecykeepers listeners and Family from

This is your old buddy Will Blueotter coming to you from "Booger County" Missouri  in the Mysterious Ozarks in Mid-America...

BTW "Booger County" (Douglas, Texas, Wright, and adjacent Missouri and Arkansas counties -- where River Otter's roam free on nearby
Indian Creek, and many counties don't even have one single stoplight) is actually the old Keetoowah Cherokee haunts in southern Missouri where Grandfather John RedHat was born near Ava... and has long been associated with paranormal events and such...

Most folks around here have heard the words Booger County, but don't even know the origin of the words "Booger County" but it comes from
the Cherokee "Booger Mask." Many Cherokee stayed here in the deepest part of the Ozarks, and ran off Government Indian census takers with
shotguns rather than be moved to Oklahoma. Some, (since Indians were completely outlawed in Missouri from the state's beginning--until
those laws were dropped and never repealed in the early 1900s and many were simply hung because they had no written "pass" from the
state's Governor) were actually taken in chains and dropped off on Cherokee holdings in what is now OK, and some were unwanted for one
reason or another... usually because they were Chickamaugas who came before the Trail of Tears as so many Keetoowahs did... and many full
blood Keetoowah Cherokee even today have NO B.I.A. CARDS whatsoever, believe it or not... and most DON'T EVEN WANT ONE and will not
associate with ANYONE from Cherokee Nation Tahlequah Government Complex!

We are now corresponding with Wynn Free, the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, and if you don't believe it, just go see a photo of him at his
website at Be there or be square!

Joanne Shenandoah said she would do a show in December thanks to Ted Silverhand,

...I just heard back from Ed McGaa who will do a follow-up interview soon,

...Sean David Morton said OK thanks to Ghost Wolf,

...Brooke Medicine Eagle will when she get's off the road thanks to Ghost Wolf,

...Dr. Donald Panther-Yates, a Teehanama elder and DNA expert,

... Don Jaime Perez said he will do a follow up in December after he finishes a trip,

...ex-BIA employee Norbert Johnson. He is a Indian Law and Indian Citizenship expert,

...Manny Two Feathers said OK thanks to Ghost Wolf,

... Gr. Tom BlueWolf wants to do a follow up show THIS WEEK...

and that's off the top of my head, there may be more...

...lots of good stuff on the burners folks!

Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf is working on getting us on a better/faster server, and working to network us (Trilogy Media at with an up-and-coming paranormal broadcast radio show. We will hitch this wagon to a star, and go for a ride!

The "Wolf Man" said to say hi ya'll and he did it in his best "Wolf Man Jack" voice, and we'll do a "Battle of the Wolf Man Jacks" voice routine during our next inteview so you can guess who's Wolf Man Jack Voice is who...!

The more I get to know Dr. Ghost Wolf, (and he is a intensely private man), the more I love him... and the more I realize he is truely a "Renaissance Man" of the highest order. 99% of people have
absolutely the width and breadth of this man, who by rights should have "hung up his feather" long ago because we don't really deserve him.

It's SO nice to have friends like Dr. Ghost Wolf and Red Elk and so many other elders who are willing to refer other elders and teachers to us -- and to think I once bought into what the "Internet
Terrorists" have to say about him! Like Ben Franklin said, believe nothing of what you read, and half of what you see!" -- but let me contradict this down below here...

Grandfather Lee Standing Bear of Manatanka has referred elders, and so has Ted Silverhand -- but it takes time. Many elders, even those NOT on the "A.I.M. hit list," have been so trampled and disrespected that they don't feel much like teaching anymore. This was prophecied.

I just can't believe what we have accomplished in less than one year!

Prophecykeepers Radio is rapidly coming of age -- but only thanks to all of you who believe that "Believing is Seeing" instead of "Seeing
is Believing."


This ghost wolf is a trip..

google his name with fraud after it ..

I remember a few years back when he was selling his Ghost dance to white folks.. I wrote coast to coast am about this Italian guy...

I mean really.. non indians who buy into this are so gullible.. the ghost dance is/was, among other things, to rid turtle island of white folks...

well... do you suppose that they know that when they signed up and paid large fees to be part of the ghost dance.. bwahahah

here's the link to his site.. and it looks like he has brought jesus into the picture too..

Survivalists, "hidden archaeology", and now ties to Bible colleges. The guy is a career con man, after all. My personal favorite was when he was selling "asteroid avoidance insurance."

A long time member of NAFPS, the late Mike Two Horses, wrote up some exposes on him. And Mike's name has been dragged through the mud by some of Franzone's lower associates ever since.

Do you have anything you've written up on Franzone handy? If you do, please post it.

I've heard of a couple of peple on that list of names. One, Dr. Donald Yates, believes the Cherokee are really Jews. He and I have emailed back and forth many times. I have told him I didn't believe that, and he knows it. I think he is basically well meaning -- yes, but harmless -- no. Anything that is not true might be harmful to somebody.

He has a genealogy website and on it he has put up the genealogy of my family, but he got some of it wrong,or at least he put things up as "fact" that are NOT act, about us. I emailed him about this and I don't know if he ever changed it or not.

The other name I heard of was Norbert Johnson, but I really don't recall where I heard it -- I think he helped some state recognized tribes gain that state recognition (??perhaps in Virginia or Alabama??), but I might be wrong.


Well what Blueotter puts up as Arkansas Cherokee history is pure fantacy.

He says --

many were simply hung because they had no written "pass" from the state's Governor) were actually taken in chains and dropped off on Cherokee holdings in what is now OK, and some were unwanted for one reason or another... usually because they were Chickamaugas who came before the Trail of Tears as so many Keetoowahs did...

reply --

this is absolute rubbish. The Keetoowah's came into existence as anti-slavery Cherokee who opposed the Cherokee affiliation with the Confederacy during the Civil War. They had nothing to do with Misouri before the Trail of Tears. Conversely, the Chickamauga are never heard from as separate bands after 1794 when several treaties were signed ending one era of US/Indian Warfare.




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