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Is there a message/ Or is this just an advertisement for
some woo-woo "training" ?

I think our guest was hoping for opinions about "Elaine Whitefeather". And for whatever, reason, shame, fear, embarassment, is reluctant to say their name or or anything that might give themselves away.

This is why Guest came to us about EW.
Women's Circles of Empowerment
Our women's circles are named using the totem of wolf. The wolf has long been a symbol of many powerful characteristics, including love, courage, teacher and the pathfinder. Wolf is an apt symbol for these women's groups because these are the same characteristics that deepen and evolve in the women who start and finish a journey. The word clan is used (from indigenous cultures), defining that when women from all ages, backgrounds, races and cultures come together for common reasons, such as to grow, heal, transform and develop, a "family" of sorts naturally occurs. We have been guiding women on these journeys for eleven years. These paths of empowerment are for all women ages 21 years and above.
The Spirit of the Wolf
Our beginning women's circle of empowerment offers our level one series of skills, tools, philosophies, methods and experiences. This one-year journey begins every January and meets every other Monday evening for 24 sessions. The Spirit of the Wolf offers women an opportunity to declare change, make change and receive support and encouragement about their changes within a community of women.
Wolf Clan
Wolf Clan is an intermediate and advanced intermediate level circle, which harmonizes with the seasons of the year. Beginning a new cycle every January, this group meets twice a month and commits to one full cycle (year) at a time. Ceremonies, rituals, indigenous and shamanic practices characterize this experience of evolution and change.
Wolf Clan Medicine Lodge
WBA offers an apprenticeship program for those women who desire to master this path of empowerment. These women commit four years so that they may fully integrate into their daily living their learned skills, tools and methods. Apprentices are asked to grow and transform in challenging ways that others would not tread. Their increase in wisdom, courage, trust, and faith to handle any challenge, to conquer any obstacle, creating the life they wish to live is theirs through their own continuous steps on a path of empowerment.
Wolf Clan Teacher's Circle
Our advanced circle of empowerment are women who have traveled every path from spirit of the wolf through wolf clan. They are senior members of the lodge and dedicate their journey toward service of others. Sharing their skills and the wisdom of their experiences, these women are given opportunities to serve all of the women in the circles who will come after them as well as in the communities.
Butterfly Circle
A special circle for survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault, these women focus their journey of empowerment on reclaiming power from their past trauma - using the skills and tools presented in their spirit of the wolf and wolf clan circle in a specific way. They learn to shed their "survivor masks" and to embrace their empowered selves through the skills of truth seeking, truth telling, truth hearing and truth living in a safe, sacred and compassionate journey.
Rainbow Tribe
Rainbow Tribe includes Spirit of the Wolf, Wolf Clan, Wolf Clan Medicine Lodge, Wolf Clan Teacher's Circle and Butterfly Circle. Rainbow Tribe's foundation are values that guide empowered living. RT's mission is to encourage one another individually, as a Sisterhood, a community and part of larger communities on the path of holistic empowered living.
All the Wolf Clan mentions indicate EW was trained by Twyla Nitsch's bunch. The Rainbow Tribe bit could mean some Ed McGaa influence. But EW doesn't say so specifically.

Judging by this and what else I found on the web EW is basically a motivational speaker with some pseudo-Native trappings and name. It's not just her selling nonsense to corporate types, as I first thought. She peddles mostly to some feminist circles.
The part that bothers me the most is using this nonsense for healing sexual abuse survivors. EW would be better off drawing entirely on her own experiences. (She claims to be a survivor herself.)

If our Guest would come forward, maybe we could ask what made them decide to ask about EW? They can contact me by email or IM privately, and I will keep anything confidential that I'm asked to, as I've often done in the past.

Obviously, I haven't had enough coffee today as I for some reason was thinking EW was the author instead of the subject. I enjoyed the extra info you provided.
Why doesn't everyone start making up secret Voodoo
empowerment rituals. Wouldn't that be fun?

Actually, Santeria and other Afro- Carribian religions are fairly interesting.   Rebekah

Well, they are doing that with Kaballah. I read an article in today's Seattle Times and one of the Jewish people interviewed said she did not like those celebs skimming off bits and pieces of the Jewish religion.


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