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Sacred Path of the Jaguar, Sally Moon, Miriam Garay Foronda, Linda Stewart


Followers of fraud Albert Villoldo, Munay Ki faux Lakota, faux Aztec, faux Inca.

Women's Turtle Lodge
Sweat Lodge 
Drumming Circle w/ Teachings   
Munay-Ki: Despacho Ceremony Fire Ceremony Jaguar Out of the Tree
Energy Healing
Cacao Ceremony

Jaguar Clan Grandmothers
Sally Moon  Munay-Ki, Peruvian Indigenous Curandero Tradition
W!ld Moon Couture since 1995
Reflections of Your Soul   
Auspicious Journey Within
How To Heal Yourself 
Manifest Through Sacred Sex 
Kalpulli Ehecatl
Community of the Wind
Sacred Path of the Jaguar Tour Leader, since 1992

Miriam Garay Foronda 
Turtle Lodge: Water Pourer
Native Roots School, Ancestral, Folk & Herbalism School, Taos NM
Master Degree in "Transformation Education"

 Dr. Linda Stewart, EdD/LMFT Founder & Executive Director of Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs. Oakland, CA   
Munay-Ki, Peruvian Indigenous  Curandero Tradition 


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