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Angell Deer, Sanctuary Callicoon NY


Got a request about him. Former executive who went into ceremony selling after he bought ceremony from a ridiculous hodgepodge of numerous frauds. He even claims to channel Jesus and angels... ;D In some ways he's a victim victimizing others.

Holistic Health PractitionerHolistic Health Practitioner
The Sanctuary, Shamanic Healing Center · Full-timeThe Sanctuary, Shamanic Healing Center · Full-time
Jan 2015 - Present · 7 yrs 9 mos Callicoon, New York, United States

Founder & Executive Director The New York Bee Sanctuary · Full-time
May 2014 - Present · 8 yrs 5 mos Callicoon, New York, United States

Founder & Owner Sequoia Lab · Full-time
 Oct 2008 - Dec 2018 · 10 yrs 3 mos New York, New York, United States
Leading New York consulting & strategy agency focusing on developing strategies for retail & consumer brands in the digital, luxury, sustainability & social impact space. Clients goes from Fortune 500 companies to new ventures. Team 5/10 consultants on specific missions.Leading New York consulting & strategy agency focusing on developing strategies for retail & consumer brands in the digital, luxury, sustainability & social impact space. Clients goes from Fortune 500 companies to new ventures.

[volunteered for several charities for 7 months]

Co-Founder & CEO Totsy · Full-time Jun 2009 - Mar 2013 · 3 yrs 10 mos New York, New York, United States
Totsy was the leading private sale website focused on the was sold in June 2013 to Modnique Inc.
[Loooooong series of bragging about sales and marketing.]

Chief Executive Officer Lalique North America Inc · Full-time Jan 2006 - Sep 2008 · 2 yrs 9 mos New York, New York, United States
[Loooooong series of bragging about sales and marketing.]

Managing Director Lalique · Full-time Nov 2003 - Dec 2005 · 2 yrs 2 mosNov 2003 - Dec 2005 · 2 yrs 2 mos
London, England, United KingdomLondon, England, United Kingdom
Led bottom-line factors, including budgeting, marketing, strategic planning, and business development...
[Loooooong series of bragging about sales and marketing.]

Assistant Director Louis Vuitton · Full-time Sep 2000 - Oct 2003 · 3 yrs 2 mos Paris, France
[Loooooong series of bragging about sales and marketing.]

Director Of Ecommerce · Full-time Feb 2000 - Sep 2000 · 8 mos Paris,  France

Marketing Manager Nestlé · Full-time Sep 1998 - Feb 2000 · 1 yr 6 mos Paris, France Marketing Manager (3/1999-2/2000) / Division Manager / Marketing (9/1998-2/2000)

Angell Deer
Owner of The Sanctuary | Shamanic Healer
After a career that scaled the heights of corporate success as a CEO of global companies, I reached a turning point in my life – material success and trappings had not necessarily made me really happy or fulfilled. I had a big degree, a big job, and success that most people aspire for, but I was not happy....

During the last 10 years and my transformative journeys across Asia & South America, I had rare opportunities to study and meditate with master healers and teachers of all faiths.  I am trained in Shamanism, Reiki & Medical Reiki, Sufi Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, Herbalism, and Breathwork.

The big transformation happened many years ago when I started to dive into the plant world with my teacher in Peru & shamanic work with Native American & Norse traditions....method mix channeling, somatic energy work, breathwork, runes, and connection to Divine masters (Archangel Michael and Christ most frequently) through prayers...

Meditation Teacher Certified - World Yoga Center, NYC
Reiki Level 1 Certificate - Dharamsala India
Reiki Level 2 Certificate - Dharamsala India
Reiki Master Level Certificate - New York City
Medical Reiki Master Certificate - New York City

Certificate of Ordination - Ordained Christian Minister [no church named, online for free anyone can get?]

The Way of the Shaman® - The Foundation For Shamanic Study [notorious frauds]
Shamanic Extraction Healing® - The Foundation For Shamanic Study [notorious frauds]

The Great Shamanic Initiation - Omega Center
Shamanic Path of the Runes - London, UK
Shamanic Training with Huachumero Miguel Mendiburu Saavedra (Pisac, Peru, Sacred Valley)
Breathwork Practitioner (Alchemy of Breath School, London UK) [alchemy? seriously?]
Self-Cervix Practitioner Certified

Anyone know what the hell the last one is? It reminds me of an old Steven Martin routine.


--- Quote from: educatedindian on September 13, 2022, 11:56:57 pm ---Self-Cervix Practitioner Certified
Anyone know what the hell the last one is? It reminds me of an old Steven Martin routine.
--- End quote ---

I didn't know but found some dubious stuff. First check these facts:

Now then:
"Ignite sacred sexual energy and embody the truth of your essence" - etc. etc. etc.
They have a Facebook page for "Online journeys for cervical healing, activation and orgasm".

Here they claim it was new in 2018:

Join us for the first ever Self:Cervix Practitioner Training, a personal and professional development training for bodyworkers, practitioners, facilitators, and coaches working in the sexuality field.
Participants will learn to release tension and trauma, activate the cervix, and co-create healing and pleasure sessions with clients.
The course will be delivered by experts in the field of sexual bodywork, trauma, and midwifery and will include hands-on training, mentoring, and practicum.
This training runs over five months, beginning with a one-month intensive in Bali, Indonesia from May 21 – June 19, 2018 followed by four monthly group calls, and offers a unique approach to the client/practitioner relationship.
The purpose of this course is to build a network of bodywork practitioners who have the skills to identify and work with trauma and with pleasure, and to create a new paradigm for empowerment of clients.
This training shifts the usual client/practitioner paradigm. In our model, clients and practitioners create the experience together to devise the most empowering, educational, and healing session for the client.
This is about encouraging and teaching clients to have agency and authority over their body and to empower them to co-create a session that best suits THEIR needs. The process of personal enquiry is designed to bring the client more deeply into her own truth. The practitioner assists her in healing or pleasuring HERSELF.
As well as the co-creative model, we will focus on trauma healing, de-armouring, consent, empowerment, and understanding the cervix – from internal massage to mapping.
We are experienced facilitators and bodyworkers who share the same values. All of the facilitators have influenced the teachings within Self:Cervix, an online global movement to help heal and awaken the potent energy at the cervix.
* Fiona Hallinan – mother, registered nurse and midwife
* Jenny Blythe – mother, grandmother, birthworker, educator, bodyworker, author, and filmmaker
* Susanne Roursgaard – international teacher and holistic therapist dedicated to bringing sexual healing and trauma release to the human body
* Matt Schwenteck – trained facilitator in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra
* Robyn Dalzen – transformational leadership and empowerment coach and facilitator
* Olivia Bryant – founder of Self:Cervix, a global movement teaching women how to tap into the potent energy of the cervix
Dates: May 21 – June 19, 2018
Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Followed by 4 months of mentoring (July - October), with one coaching call per month.
Early Bird Registration: US$3,980 (by 20th November 2017 -- receive a $500 discount)
Regular Registration: US$4,480 (after 20th November 2017)
A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to save your space.
The cervix is meant to feel. When a woman develops a relationship with her cervix, she begins to consider how she makes love -- to herself, her partner and to life. She becomes conscious, awake and empowered. She is able to take charge of her life and relationships.
Self:Cervix is a conscious community to support women waking up to their full potential for pleasure. With over 2,000 participants globally and growing, the online program runs over 21 Days every quarter. Participants have access to coaching videos and exercises, support calls, and they are connected to a community of women who are also committed to this level of healing and awakening. To learn more visit:
--- End quote ---

That's funny. It actually is just like the old Steve Martin routine. See here from 2:00 to 2:30.

Only they actually seem to be serious. And expect others to take it seriously. Why pretend masturbation is some big holy sacred secret?


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