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A friend sent me this site you gotta see and read this of Elders and Healers and who is this Sittingbear?

sorry for the goof on the type this is the correct link

Well, from just a brief look around, it is pretty Pan Indian. I mean, on one page they are using Anishanabe words, and then on another, the call the pipe by a Lakota word. Pretty odd since those languages are not close. Then there is an advert for the Big Bear  medicine wheel which is led by a fraud, Bennie LeBeau. AS for "sitting bear", well, he supposedly was born in 1916 and his son is typing for him. Um, sure...

The leader of the group seems to be "Lady Mynaugh" who is a white pagan. She gives lessons in "Wicca 101" and "crystal healing" at other msn groups like Enchanted Forest and Beyong the Realms.
The rest of the members seem to be mostly white wannabes with names like "Dancing Little Otter" who are pulling stories off the net. DLO calls herself Tsuya, but if she actually is Native or not, she has fallen for Nuage ideas like "medicine cards".

A few of those names are pretty familar to me as would be shamans who prowl around yahoo shame-on groups, such "Dakota moon" and "cougar wolf spirit".

"Sitting Bear" is such a common wannabe name it's hard to track down just who this might be. But like Debbie said, the idea that an 88 year old elder would hand out teachings on the net is ridiculous.


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