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Creative Native:
Does anyone know anything about a Joseph Riverwind? Is he legit or what? He used to claim to be Creek/Seminole now he's Arawakan Taino Indian and claims to be a Desert Storm vet. He has claimed to be in Tennessee and in Georgia as well as North Carolina and Florida. Just wondering what is up. He seems to be combining Christianity, Native American and Celtic stuff to get some kind of new agey thing. Check out the links.

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Joseph Huertas RiverWind. Only thing I have ever heard is he is Taino/Irish. Has a Christian ministry with his wife who is Creek/Cherokee/Irish. They are in North Carolina and also make music CD's.  The site looks Christian to me has Hebrew words followed by Creek for names of Creator, Jesus, Sacred Spirit.  Doesn't look Nuage, just Christian.  This is the only thing I was aware of that he had posted.

Creative Native:
Here is a link that mentions it... I bolded the part about him.

Meet Joseph Riverwind a Creek/Seminole Indian with a goal of dispelling grief-causing myths and stereotypes that surround Native Americans. He comments on a few of them:

“Few of us lived in tipis (tee pees), wore feathers, bonnets or fought like ‘braves.’ The 20th century cowboy movies are responsible for those myths and stereotypes.

“We had no royalty. The ‘Indian Princess’ is strictly an European concept.

“We did not smoke a peace pipe. Sitting Bull once said that there was no such thing as a peace pipe because there has never been peace.

“We do not ‘chant.’ We are not Gregorian monks; they are the ones who chant.

“We do not worship nature. Observance and respect for nature was a learning process which ingrained itself in our ancestors’ lives and continues to this day.???

Joseph Riverwind’s list goes on, and learning about our Original Americans should go on too.

What I'd like to know is since neither one of them are enrolled tribal members... how can they legally possess eagle feathers? He mentions that on his one site in the link I gave.

Creative Native:

This link shows a post he made... his pic and that he is... Joseph Riverwind - Muscogee Creek/Seminole Wind clan

Another link to a post he made in 2003

Sure sounds different than what he's saying now eh? LoL

I saw it on the Music one, where he was making a comparison to "Irish Chiefs"?  to NDN. But I couldn't tell if those were eagle feathers on his flute or not. He is not enrolled, nor his wife, so he cannot legally have them if they are real eagle feathers. That link is pretty much like the one he put up in BlueCorn Comics.  Looks like he changes tribal afflilation.  We don't have any information on this site about him.


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