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Hanz Kreuzmayer AKA Waterloo, Run-down Austrian singer
« on: March 13, 2009, 03:23:24 pm »
 i'm also a member of akin. thought this might interest you too.

Dear Lakota friends, Lakota media and other Lakota contacts! The Vienna-based Austrian human rights organisation " Working CircleIndians of North America (AKIN)", learned a few days ago that theAustrian run-down singer (turned wanna-be-indian), Waterloo (aka HansKreuzmayr), is publishing a book in German language, called “TheSecret Knowledge of the Lakota (Das geheime Wissen der Lakota)”. Thebook will be available by tomorrow (Febr., 20th). Waterloo represents almost everything, which our organisation has beenfighting against for almost three decades. He is that kind of Indian“lover”, who has a pure and strong romantic image of Indianpeople and - with this book - he capitalizes on Lakota spirituality. Wesee this as a misrepresentation and misuse of Lakota spirituality. Unfortunately his book is getting more media attention than thepolitical and human rights work that we have been doing all the time(but we got used to that over the years). Actually, he is defractingfrom the real issues as we see them. In that sense he is a good examplethat stereotypes about Indian always are a barrier for a soundunderstanding of issues, even when they are “positive” in a sense,namely romantic. The two attached fotos speak volumes. I write this for two reasons. Firstly, we see the misrepresentation andmisuse of Lakota spirituality as a violation of the collective humanrights of the Lakota (see also the English version of the entry page ofour webpage: Secondly, I remember very well the "Declaration of War AgainstExploiters of Lakota Spirituality" of 1993. I doubt that this guy would accept any critical remark about thisattitude or book, but there may be a little chance for making him thinkwhen contacted and questioned directly from the Lakota side. If any of you wants to contact him, here are the contact dates: Waterloo aka Hans KreuzmayrWebpage (unfortunately no English version): e-Mail: Postal address:Waterloo World of Music Blütenweg 7 A-4600 SchleißheimAustriaphone: +43 7242 210990Fax: +43 7242 224366Publisher of the book: Ueberreuter Verlag, ISBN-10: Please pass on this information to anyone you see appropriate. Best greetingsToksaPeter Schwarzbauerchairman: Working Circle Indians of North America (AKIN)Weissgasse 9-13/2/1A-1170 ViennaAustria/Europee-mail: ph: +43-1-4853351web-page AKIN:
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Re: Run-down Austrian singer, Waterloo, publishes book
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… the Austrian run-down singer (turned wanna-be-indian), Waterloo (aka Hans Kreuzmayr), is publishing a book in German language, called “The Secret Knowledge of the Lakota (Das geheime Wissen der Lakota)”.

The book is still for sale at Amazon in Germany:

Se also: . —

Criticism here:

Apart from his limited repertoire in lectures, Ortiz also sells and performs „Indian weddings“ for persons of rather modest celebrity status, so e.g. for an Austrian soap opera actor [23] and for Austrian singer „Waterloo“ Hans Kreuzmayr.[24] Kreuzmayr apparently is fascinated by Indians and has played the part of „Winnetou“ at the „Karl-May-Festival“ at Winzendorf, Austria in 1999[25], but also believes to be Lakota and, in 2009, published a book titled „The secret knowledge of the Lakota“, to which Ortiz has provided a preface. Kreuzmayr comments: „Chief Silverbird is my mentor, he has taught me the knowledge of his people. Eight years ago, he acknowledged me as an Indian. This was a great honour for me.“[26] How a person wrongfully claiming to be Apache, Navaho, and Cherokee may teach „secret knowledge“ of the Lakota will remain Kreuzmayr's and Ortiz' secret.

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Re: Run-down Austrian singer, Waterloo, publishes book
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2. Corrected URL for the quote (and much more):

There is a thread about this guy, started in 2006, and still active: [Reuben Ortiz AKA J Reuben Silverbird]