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This fraud now has a brochure. The thing is unbelievable. Take the Vision Crest part. It tells you you can take TWO GALLONS of water! WTF?? What's the POINT if tyou don't suffer?? OPh, and the Potlatch ceremony (It's not a ceremony!) part goes on about why you do one (to get a name, marriage, to ask a favor etc) and modern gifts are MONEY and CARS! This goes into the Pipe Ceremony (which I believe is not Cowlitz, which roy claims) and says why you might have one. Then says you need to Potlatch the person to ask for a pipe ceremony!!!! This guy makes me ill. Damn, we need t5he little barfing smiley. Sorry for all the damns , but I am sickened.

Oh, here is his webpage. In the pictures section they have him in a headdress. He is not plains and NOT a veteran. SHAME SHAME SHAME!

And yeah, I am pissed. A REAL keeper of tribal culture, Skokomish to be exact, passed away suddenly. Why can't the frauds die and the real people stay with us. :(

Wow, thats some "medicine wheel" there, enit? Must be a lot to remember, uh? Hey, I guess this joker doesn't want to be outdone by Heywhatever Storm and his infinite number of medicine wheels that he invented.

Just wanted to make a quick comment before I check out the site in more detail.


Well, when you are done, check out and compare Roy's wheel to Sun Bear's. But hey! Roy's "just happened" to (magically) come out like Sun Bear's. A fraud stealing from a fraud.

Last night my neighbor, who is Lakota and Delaware, went up to Roy's "clan meeting." At a point in the group when it was "open forum", he asked why coastal and plains ways were mixed and what Roy's medicine wheel had to do with sundance. Roy calls it a sundance medicine wheel. He showed the group that some of what Roy said was bs. I think some eyes were opened. But now they want Cliff to come back and teach them. sigh. Cliff did bring one lady home to meet his wife. She just moved up here and is Indian and only went to the group to meet others. She thought more Indians would come but now sees that Roy is full of it. He told her on the phone that he used to be THE spiritual leader of the Yakama Nation! BS!!! THe Yakama people are not into his phoney baloney medicine wheel. many are Seven Drums, some NAC, some Shaker, some generic christian, but Roy's stuff is crap.


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