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In a debate with some people on the Freedom of Mind site, I actually had someone who still thinks highly of him tell me this:

You do know that Castaneda was born in Peru of mixed Latino and Indian heritage, right? I'm not sure if Latinos consider themselves "white," such as northern Europeans do. So if Castaneda
produced racism, technically it wasn't "white racism." I mean if Castaneda rolled into a KKK meeting and hollered, "Hey, did you see
what foolish Zen master-shaman savages I made out of them damn bus riding, peyote smoken' Indians in my book? Pretty WHITE of me, hey?"
He'd likely get hung from the nearest tree just like any other "darky."

This from the Castaneda cult website:

"I know now that human beings are creatures of awareness, involved in an evolutionary journey of awareness, beings unknown to themselves,
filled to the brim with incredible resources that are never used."

Phony sentimental hogwash, useless to any license holding Indian gaming corporation. Also, it's stolen straight out of the Fourth Way, another group of racists that exploited the image of a fat little ethnic Armenian folk dancer.

Anyway, pesos to tacos, you didn't know that Castaneda wrote a number of bestsellers, ten of them I believe. But, hey, we rich, spoiled,
white American racists will buy just about anything, but only as long as it is an exploitive stereotypical fabrication at the expense of the genetically inferior non-industrial races.

In my opinion, racist as it might be, Castaneda is profound.

Personally I'm tired of hiding my racist heritage, we white people came to an empty, primitive land and graciously killed off all the dangerous animals, including the irrational, hostile indigenous
primates, making the place suitable for fine literature. History will judge us justified in our ruthlessness, given the Paleolithic alternative."

I read the one page at the 'interesting' website about tensegrity (magical passes). No wonder nuagers go for this. It offers them so much and yet it never says what the end result that they are striving for would be.

Hey what kind of Mexican Indian is Don Juan supposed to be; Yaqui, Maya, what? I never read the books. Well, no I read the first 3 or 4 pages of the first one back in the 70s and then said bullshit and put it back on the shelf.

I am starting to see a thread of connection with many of these written frauds and that is the use of the word "lineage".  Casteneda is the last in the lineage, etc. Diane "Yahoooo" Fisher is the last in the lineage, etc.

Never read any of Jamie Samms' books because I was told she is Cherokee and just the title of the book about 13 clans I knew it was bogus. We have 7 clans, and Mooney has postulated that maybe in ancient times it was 14.

So what's the story on the books entitled "Seven Arrows" and "Lightening Bolt". He makes some claim to be the last in the lineage of the zero chiefs. Its a real mix of make beleive, Maya beliefs, Pan tribal mish mash etc,

DJ was supposedly Yaqui but teaching "Toltec secrets and Indian magic," etc. Never mind that the Toltecs have been gone a thousand years.

Got some good news, the moderator kicked out the racist Castaneda nut out of Freedom of Mind.

Chuck Storm, or Heywhatever as I call him, was a German who maybe had a bit of Crow blood passing himself off as Cheyenne. I wrote a review of his book that somehow is still posted at Amazon, I think because the staff then went out of their way to post three "reviews of my reviews" insisting they didn't care abouyt the truth, they still liked Storm.

Mostly what I posted is Rupert Costo's review, taken from The Indian Historian, of Storm's book, plus some other things I added.

LOL to the name Heywhatever Storm. Thanks for the laugh. For anyone interested here is his website.

Thats the first time I have ever seen a picture of him. No wonder he never put a picture of himself in his books.

I have met quite a few nuagers who take his books as gospel. Sad but there is no changing their minds.

This is the last place, except for the new warning that I saw anything posted about Heywhatever and so that is why I am writing here.

Thank you for the 'official' warning. Hmmm, publishers said his book was fiction. If they thought Seven Arrows was fiction his autobiography LighteningBolt was a flight of fictional fantasy.

I am sending the warning to all those that I know that thought this con man  was god. You know I have sent the url for this site and certain posting to non-Indian friends and have lost quite a few as friends in the process. Thats life. There eyes need to be opened.



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