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I found a 'great' website today – a seminar targeting CEOs plus the crowd of followers of Archie Fire Lame Deer and his son John Fire Lame Deer, as of the 250 tickets offered, 50% will be sold to participating managers and 50%  will go to the „interested public“, complete with the announcement that arranging personal meetings with John Fire Lame Deer will be possible.

The site announces a one-day seminar saying:

The climate change is here. We will not get any further with our ideas.
John Fire Lame Deer – Chief and Holy Man of the Lakota Indians – for the first time will be a guest in Germany regarding this issue. He is offering the unique chance to enter into a dialogue on the view of the Lakota and thus find new approaches for solutions for our future.

One-day seminar dated December 7, 2013, Congress Centre Rosengarten, Mannheim
Invitations go to decision makers from companies, politicians and interested citizens.

Projekt Lame Deer c/o
Dr. Stephan Götze
68163 Mannheim
Telefon: 0177 449 xxxx
E-Mail: stephan.goetze@

This is their introduction of John Fire Lame Deer as a lecturer:

John Fire Lame Deer – Lecturer

In 2001, John Fire Lame Deer succeeded the legendary chiefs and medicine men of the Lakota family Lame Deer. The tradition of the tribe goes back umpteen-thousands of years. The men of John's family have been estimated as counsellors since generations. John's great-grandfather participated in signing the treaties between Indian tribes and the American government in Laramie in 1868 which in principle are valid still today. Albert Einstein visited John's grandfather for counsellation and ceremonies; the Dalai Lama went to see John Fire Lame Deer's father several times.

How can we find a sustainable economy with the knowledge and the wisdom of the Lakota? John Fire Lame Deer will answer you questions on climate change and ecology in the tradition of his ancestors.

Cooperation of indigenous peoples with industry
Due to our lifestyle and methods of production, we are in conflict with nature and climate. Chief personalities of the Lakota, which to us are known under the name of Sioux, as e.g. Sitting Bull, are highly respected world-wide. The representative of the Lakota, Dr. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, in 2007 even received the peace prize of the United Nations. The Lakota chiefs are believed to have the competence to know nature well. Lame Deer will come to Germany in December, and he will only have two appointments: Ours in Mannheim and a meeting with CSCP Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production. CSCP was founded in 2007 by UNEP, the environmental programme of the UN, together with the Wuppertal Institute as a global „Think-and-do-Tank“. As one of the two highest representatives of the culture and the ancient wisdom of the North American Indians, John will begin a dialogue that day; a cooperation with industry and science which never existed before in this form. The one-day seminar will teach basics of the world-view and the knowledge of the Lakota to learn from this for the question whether and how we, in the industrialised nations, can find back to an accord with nature. And rather promptly.

Practice and solution oriented
It is no contradiction to embed the instruments of management, psychology, and marketing into this philosophical context.
We will introduce the approach with which companies can realise a switch to a sustainable, environment-friendly production in a way which is at the same time making sense economically. The Indian perspective will show why and how this can succeed, for all of us, in the long run.
Dr. Stephan Götze is a pioneer of sustainability with an emphasis on management counselling, consulting, and research. He has been a friend of the Lame Deer family since 25 years. He received the task to initiate the dialogue and he will introduce the marketing instruments.

Ticket prices:

Ticket prices for the one day seminar for participants from politics, science, and economy per person:
€ 250 plus 19% VAT (€ 47.50) = € 297.50

Pensioners, children or students only pay € 18.00 incl. VAT (lunch included).

The price includes travel expenses for Chief Lame Deer and his wife from the Indian reservation in South Dakota as well as his ten-day stay in Germany, plus a small donation for Indians in need at Rosebud Indian Reservation. The event has been calculated to cover expenses. If a profit is made, this will be added to the donation.
If you see the possibility to donate additionally, this is more than welcome. In this case, please contact John Fire Lame Deer directly or Dr Stephan Goetze who will facilitate the contact. If desired, we will make the donation tax-deductible. Anonymous donations can be paid into the project's bank account. These will be passed on which will be given proof of by publishing them in a list, so that the donour may see this donation was passed on and for what.
Of course the seminar, as well as the „project“ organising the seminar, do not have a recognition as a non-profit and thus may not collect donations. It will perhaps be interesting to see which non-profit they will tell donours to issue cheques for.
Apart from this, it remains to be seen who the „needy Indians at Rosebud“ to receive donations may be.
Please, do pass on the info of monies coming along to the Rosebud tribal management – I am certain they will know many people in dire straits this time of the year, and may be in a position to assist considerably in the distribution of the money!

Excerpts from the programme:

10:50 Introduction: „The Lakota world view, the state of sustainability, and a concept for future“ - Dr. Stephan Götze, management consultant, Mannheim
11:30 „What I want to tell you from all of my heart“ - Thoughts of a Holy Man on the history of his people and on the future of life on earth – Chief John Fire „Lame Deer“, South Dakota, USA
12:30 lunch break
13:30 Assessment of questions handed in previously and of the answers – Dr Stephan Götze
14:00 Economy, Research & Development, strategy
14:30 coffee break
15:00 Science in general
15:30 Healing and medicine
16:00 Resume of the day
16:30 Finale

Judging from the programme, Götze will be delivering the lecture of most importance, as he speaks more to the topic than John Fire Lame Deer. However, it might be an idea to have a Lakota speak on Lakota world view than listening to a German's impression of it. Depending on how the translation will be done, John Fire may speak only 30 minutes, leaving 15 minutes each for the history of the Lakota and for the future of life on earth.

Having a German give a short intro on Lakota history, while having a Lakota lecture on the nation's worldview, the state of sustainability in this worldview, and how to integrate this into possible concepts would make far more sense. Plus that it would avoid degrading the ndn participating to a token ndn, which seems to be the role for Fire Lame Deer to play.

We may now lean back to see whether hasty adjustments will be made to the programme. It is to be wished for, but I don't think it will happen. Anyway, having a European lecture on ndn world view seems to be completely within the world view of the Euro organisers who thus present their racism. Thanks for that, people.

So, who is Dr Stephan Götze, the „pioneer of sustainability“ who, as far as I can tell, never before got added to the list of such pioneers in Germany? Well, basically he's a management consultant.

However, Götze is also the author of a book:

Dr Stephan Götze
Consultant, Researcher, „Communicator“ of the Lakota Indians

Having studied sociology, psychology, and industrial marketing in the town of Mannheim, Stephan Götze (born 1962) earned a Ph.D. in social sciences (on ecology-oriented purchase behaviour). Already when a student, he founded the first marketing agency for ecological products and projects and later continued in this field in varying constellations. Dr Götze today works as a consultant and researcher, had various teaching assignments and published 14 national and international professional publications.
Since 1988, Stephan Götze maintains close relations to the Lakota Indians; so he has been initiated into various rituals by medicineman Archie Fire Lame Deer, above all he was initiated into the basic knowledge of the Lakota about the cosmos and its miracles. From Arvol Looking Horse, awardee of the peace prize of the United Nations, Götzein 2001 received the assignment to explain the valuable knowledge of the Indians; this duty Götze fulfills, among other things, with his book.
Götze, Dr. Stephan
Guardians of Creation – The Indian Way of Healing the Earth and Man

Here's more on the book:

“You are our communicator“: With this sentence from medicine man Archie Fire Lame Deer Stephan Goetze was given the order to carry the message of North American Indians into the world about a quarter of a century ago. The message was plain: „Report what you have experienced, how this experience change you – and how you and all of us may change the world with this!“

The order has a serious background – as the sword of Damocles is above the entire humankind. Ruthless consumption, merciless exploitation of resources and thoughtless pollution of our environment are a real danger for our planet; at the same time, humans become more and more distant from his true vested nature with a lifestyle not species-appropriate. It is high time to change course.

The Lakota Indians do not live off, but with nature, feel in unity with the universe and from this developed a deep wisdom; this Indian people is rather legendary for this. But the comprehension and way of life are not a distant legend, they continue into the present, are being lived and shared.

In the spirit of Crazy Horse, the last chief of the Lakota, this people up until today does not give up their holy rituals and the claims to culture and land of their ancestors. They are still in contact with nature and its phenomenons in a special way.
In this book, renowned marketing expert and eco pioneer Stephan Götze explains why he sees himself in the tradition of the famous Indian chief Crazy Horse. He writes about the history of the Lakota, their lores and rituals. He not only lets us participate in his insights on the rituals of the sacred pipe, the sweat lodge, and the sundance, but shows us how we, with the aid of the spiritual powers of the Lakota, can take a new path full of chances.

Götze apparently is a long-time student of a seller of ceremonies, so that he has become an „expert“  himself. It is also apparent the „expert“ may have to learn a thing or two re the position of his elbow if he claims Tashunka Witko to have been the „last chief“ of the Lakota. For him as a white Euro to believe to be or live in Tashunka Witko's tradition, this is arrogant, exploiting, and racist.

Apart from an author's biography and a short resume of the book which were both more or less copied from the publisher's site, German Amazon also offers an excerpt from the book:

Legimation by the Lakota
In the same year, i.e. 1997, I first looked at Crazy Horse intensely and in detail, researched his life and his intentions. I learned much about his spirituality, the wisdom and the world view of the Lakota from the book by John Fire Lame Deer (“Seeker of Visions“). The issue fascinated me more and more, and by and by I understood – albeit by far not everything – what Archie, Arvol, and the other wise men of the Lakota meant to teach me in the way of knowledge. It simply was a part of my path to stay in the background. Archie once told me I would need 25 years – and this span has passed this year. He already back then exactly knew what I would do and needed to do. Four years later, in 2001, I met Arvol Looking Horse again. The Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe in the 19th generation had many conversations with me. And he told me the words which eventually led to this book: „Go, tell them“. To him I owe my „official“ legitimation (cf to the right). I did not need it [the legitimiation] for myself, but the world needs such a piece of paper in order to accept me as a representative of the Lakota. I accepted my task to report to humankind and to teach them some of the Lakota knowledge: in my work, in which I – as I have done so for 25 years – attend to ecological and sustainable products in advertisement and marketing. As well as in private. (…)
Excerpts from the chapter: My path to the Lakota and their Knowledge

Do I understand this correctly - the man claims to have a certificate he's officially legitimated?!?!? Errm, I got a bridge to sell....
Götze urgently needs to understand the Lakota need a Euro representative as badly as we need a boil on our behind. Another Euro posing as the "great white hope" who will never realise this is pure and utter racism.
Götze also may a bit hard of hearing - he most probably wasn't told "Go, tell them", he was told "GTF lost".

Götze also maintains a Facebook profile as „Lame Deer“

He seems to be the only poster there, using the nick of „Lame Deer“, too. The FB site promotes the event in Mannheim and was established Oct 16, 2013.

On Nov 8 (2013) Lame Deer posted the following:
Lame Deer
8. November
BTW: Wikipedia's good, but with some particular topics, it is simply not good enough. What Wikepedia has on Lame Deer is not quite up-to-date, but our info is.

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For further developments, see this thread in the forum: Dr. Stephan Goetze / John Fire Lame Deer Jr / indi gen e.V.

… Goetze has founded a non-profit association by the name of "indi gen e.V." selling expensive seminars where they offer indigenous ceremonies like sweatlodges.