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Judith Monroy de Ramirez AKA "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"

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Hey Now Y'all,
I would appreciate any information on this individual who identifies herself as a "Coastal California Native elder".

Perhaps the most interesting, see episode synopsis 6, 7 & 8:

Thanks in advance,

[Just changed title-Al]

Hopefully we can find the name she uses in public records.

--- Quote ---Hello, My name is ChoQosh Auh'ho'oh.  I am a coastal indian elder and am responsible for bringing "the HOPI TEN" from 5 elders in the village of Oraibi Hopi Nation in April of 1993.
--- End quote ---

I sorry i did think that why do people claim to be from tribes so far from each other
with different cultures why would a Cail native be talking about hopi it just dont make sense


--- Quote ---On the morning of the final day she was dismayed to find herself seated next to the only other Native American at the conference. This woman had made it plain that she disapproved of Choqosh, a "new" Indian, and had refused to speak or even sit next to her throughout the conference.
--- End quote ---

A quote from Cho about the woman who disapproved of her:

--- Quote ---She had prepared a paper on the forced sterilization of Indian women in the United States. This was something I hadn't even known about, so I let her speak.
--- End quote ---

Cho then says that talk about the history of forced sterilization is "hate", "screaming", and a "harangue".

More in this book , not all of it available for free. In a preview bit she does say she was born with an Anglo name.

Yoga Journal July-Aug 1999 article info: At a Y2K conference in Oakland CA Cho "related prophecies made years ago by an Iroquois elder named Uncle John".


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