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Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« on: June 03, 2008, 02:07:46 pm »
Got a request about him, and a search turns up his wife as well, doing ceremony in Germany. He's Oglala and says he's NAC, she's Oneida. He also shows up as officiating at the burial of a Lakota man.

All the sites are in German.

Bad google translation.

Dear interested, dear friends,

seit zwei Jahren treffen wir uns regelmäßig jeden Neumond zu Schwitzhütten in Helmstorf (bei Hamburg). two years since we meet regularly every new moon to Schwitzhütten in Helms-peat (in Hamburg). Zusätzlich finden in unregelmäßigen Abständen - wann immer jemand nach einer Schwitzhütte fragt - weitere Zeremonien statt. In addition, at irregular intervals - whenever someone asks for a sweat lodge - further ceremonies. Diese Termine kommen meistens kurzfristig zustande und wer teilnehmen will, muß einfach nachfragen. These dates will usually be short term and who will participate, must be simple check.

Zweimal im Jahr laden wir außerdem unsere "Spiritual Leader" Jeff und Pam Sitting Bear (Lakota / Oneida) ein, uns zu besuchen und Zeremonien abzuhalten. Twice a year we also invite our "Spiritual Leader" Jeff and Pam sitting Bear (Lakota / Oneida), to visit us and hold ceremonies.

Für mehr Infos könnt Ihr mich gern jederzeit anrufen: 0171-1132677 oder 04183-775913 For more information you can call me any time, like: 0171-1132677 or 04183-775913

Die Terminübersicht: The schedule:

Datum Date  Zeremonie Ceremony 
2005 2005   
Mo. 10. Mon 10th Januar, 18.00 Uhr January, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Di. 8. Tue 8th Februar, 18.00 Uhr February, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Do. 10. Thu 10th März, 18.00 Uhr March, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Fr. 8. Ms. 8th April, 18.00 Uhr April, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
So. 8. Sun 8th Mai, 12.00 Uhr May, clock 12:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Mo. 6. Mon 6th Juni, 18.00 Uhr June, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Mi. 6. Wed 6th Juli, 18.00 Uhr July, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Fr. 5. CHF 5 August, 18.00 Uhr August, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Sa. 3. Sat 3rd September, 12.00 Uhr September, clock 12:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Mo. 3. 3rd Mo. Oktober, 18.00 Uhr October, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Mi. 2. Wed 2nd November, 18.00 Uhr November, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Do. 1. Thu 1st Dezember, 18.00 Uhr December, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Sa. 31. Sat 31st Dezember, 12.00 Uhr December, clock 12:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 
2006 2006   
So. 29 Januar, 12.00 Uhr Sunday January 29, 12.00 clock  Neumondschwitzhütte 
Di. 28. Tue 28th Februar, 18.00 Uhr February, clock 18:00  Neumondschwitzhütte 

....Zeremonien mit Jeff & Pam Sitting Bear Ceremonies with Jeff & Pam Sitting Bear
Jeff Sitting Bear ist ein Spiritual Leader und traditioneller Heiler der Oglalla Sioux, sowie Roadman und Vizepräsident der Native American Church of South Dakota. Jeff Sitting Bear is a Spiritual Leader and traditional healers the Oglalla Sioux, and Roadman and Vice President of the Native American Church of South Dakota. Er kennt sich in beiden Traditionen bestens aus und ist berechtigt, die sieben Riten der Lakota - Yuwipi-, Schwitzhütten-,Tipizeremonie, Verwandschaft machen, den Ball werfen (zur ersten Menstruation der Frau), Visionssuche und Sonnentanz durchzuführen. He knows the best in both traditions and is entitled to the seven rites of the Lakota - Yuwipi, Schwitzhütten, Tipi ceremony, affinity, throw the ball (first menstruation of women), Vision Search and sun dance.

Pam Sitting Bear kommt vom Stamm der Oneida. Pam Sitting Bear comes from the Oneida tribe. Sie begleitet Jeff seit Jahren, unterstützt ihn bei den Zeremonien und bereitet indianische Kräutermedizin zu. It accompanies Jeff for years, supported him in the ceremonies and prepares Indian herbal medicine. Sie kennt sich mit der "Frauenseite" des roten Weges gut aus und gibt auf Wunsch therapeutische Einzelbehandlungen. She knows that with the "women's page" the red route is good and at the request individual therapeutic treatments.

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2008, 09:03:18 pm »
Here's a translation of what you found:
This is an official paper by the town of Rickenbach; the entry dates back to the year 2000:

"Friday, October 13 to Sunday, Oct 15
'Indians', sweatlodges and healing ceremonies with Jeff Sitting Bear and Pam Danforth in seminar house Heidewuhr Bergalingen. Further info pls inquire with Günter Oberschmid"

"Dear interested persons, dear friends,
for 17 years now I am learning with Indian (and also non-Indian) medicine men and roadman [sic] like Elmar [sic] Running, Emerson Spider, Jeff Sitting Bear, Hector Gomez and many more. During several stays in the USA I was a guest, a helper and a participant in the sundance, in vision quest, and many more ceremonies.
I also lead ceremonies like sweatlodges, vision quests, pipe ceremonies, tipi ceremonies and practice what I learned from my teachers of the Lakota tribe as exactly as possible.

These ceremonies have a deep healing effect not just in the sense of physical recovery, but also in the sense of becoming one and whole again, an insight into the own original nature of ourselves and an integration into this world.
These ceremonies are always open for interested persons as long as they respect them and are prepared to get into them.
The dates will mostly be fixed on short notice and those willing to participate may inquire by phone.

The Inipi or sweatlodge ceremony
The sweatlodge ceremony is the oldest and most widespread of all Indian ceremonies. There were similar rituals in almost all ancient tribal cultures.
The sweatlodge still today has an important role in the life of traditional Indians still today. With differing details, the sweatlodge is used for cleansing, to heal the sick, or to clear social tension. The sweatlodge is also done in preparation of important ceremonies like e.g. sundance and vision quest. The most widespread way to do the sweatlodge, which I follow, too, comes from the Lakota tribe.

The Vision Quest
One to four nights alone in nature - fasting and praying
If you're seriously interested, I can accompany you on a vision quest. All further details I will discuss with you in person. I suggest we discuss this during a sweatlodge which are part of the preparation of a vision quest.

The sundance"
[no further text here, just the headline.]

This site mentions Hofmann:
"Vision quest, sweatlodge ceremony in the Lakota tradition, 04183-77 xxxx,

"Dear interested persons, dear friends,
since two years, we meet regularly every new moon for sweatlodges in the town of Helmstorf (in the vicinity of Hamburg). Additionally, there are further ceremonies whenever someones asks for a sweatlodge. These events will be organized at short notice and if you want to participate, please inquire.

Twice a year, we invite our 'spiritual leader'[sic] Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear (Lakota / Oneida) to visit us and do ceremonies.

For further info please call me: 0171-1132xxx or 04183-775xxx"

The events mentioned are for 2005 resp Jan/Feb 2006 and the site does not seem to be updated any longer.


Dear interested person, dear friends,

"Ceremonies with Jeff & Pam Sitting Bear

Jeff Sitting Bear is a spiritual leader and traditional healer of the Oglalla Sioux as well as a roadman and vice president of the Native American Church of South Dakota. He knows both traditions very well and is authorized to do the seven rituals of the Lakota - Yuwipi, sweatlodges, tipi ceremony, making relatives, throwing the ball, vision quest, and sundance.

Pam Sitting Bear comes from the Oneida tribe. She accompanies Jeff since many years, supports him during ceremonies and prepares Indian herbal medicine. She knows the "women's side" of the red path well and will do inividual therapeutic sessions on request.

Cost of orgaizing

To meet expenditure for flights, transport, food, accomodation, firewood etc which we pay for out of our pockets, we ask for an organisational fee. This amount does not **enthalten a fee for Jeff and Pam whose work is honoured by the giveaway only.

Yuwipi ceremony
[description omitted]
"... in the end, the interpreter ... will "translate" the answers he received. A Yuwipi will be done when the sponsor has an important issue for which he wants an immediate result or answer."

"During a sweatlodge, Jeff will ask the spirits for a name for you. The spirits will give Jeff four names in reply, one of which you will choose. With this spiritual name there is a spirit which will bring back to you a talent that used to be in your family, but was lost four generations ago. At one of the next days, this name will be given to you in a special ceremony and an eagle feather will be bound into your hair. The person doing this will become your adoptive relative (for your lifetime - so choose well)."

"Protectionbags [sic]
If you seek protection, Jeff will make you a small bag of deer leather which is filled with Indian medicine. With this protectionbag comes a spirit which will protect you for one year. Therefore it is necessary you give him tobacco once a month."

"Visionquest [sic]
Just with a pipe and clad in a blanket only, you will build an altar at a place in nature chosen by you and you will fast for between one and four days (no water and no food) and pray (ask for a vision). We will do sweatlodges every day for your support."
"Info and booking with:
Jens Hofmann, 21465 Reinbek Tel.: 040-23 68 7 xxx
Gerd Brandt u. Nina Kröger, Tel.: 040-55 260 xxx
Arne u. Chantal Staak, Tel.: 04344-412xxx
Michael Sprung Tel.: 04183-509xxx"

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2008, 09:01:37 pm »
I received the following information about the two of them:

"Sitting Bear claims to be from the Pine Ridge Reservation. He has taken money from people in Northern California to do sweats,vision quests, and tipi meetings. He's known to ask people for money on a monthly basis."

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2008, 03:19:05 am »
I'll have to find the paperwork to remember who is the vice president of the NAC of SD but at the last filing he was NOT the vice president

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2008, 08:59:00 pm »
I received another account about the Sitting Bears, describing people burned in the lodge, charging for ceremony, and sexual abuse. The victim asks to remain anonymous, so some parts are left out to avoid identifying her.


It's very hard to admit to yourself that you were brainwashed & manipulated, and taken advantage of in many ways. Especially sexually, it is very embarrasing. It's like a sign of weakness.   I had to take a long hard look at myself,  become humble and admit to myself,  yes, it did happen to me, and stand up with the truth.   

Over a long period of time these people gained my love and respect and used it to get what they wanted. Not only from me, but from the other members of our group. Many of us felt so betrayed and brokenhearted. Abuses like this must be stopped.

This is my story. What happened here didnt happen in a matter of a few months time. No, it happened in a few years time. When I first became part of this group or (lodge family) things were really good.   

Pam and Jeff ( the medicine man and wife ) were a caring loving couple whose many of their teachings revolved around respect and the importance of  being  a couple, how it made you strong and wise, etc. 

At that time I learned that Jeff was Heyoka...things weren't always the way they seemed. I had seen how some other teachers handled themselves, touching women around lodge , cheating on their spouses...taking advantage financially of people.  I felt very uncomfortable with these ways.

That is what drew me to Pam & Jeff, they were different. At least I thought they were )  When I became a member of this lodge family it seemed we all became very close, very fast. We all had this great connection.  There started out with about thirty of us in the beginning. But as the teachings started to get harder people would quickly leave and never return.  We were told that the Heyoka way is a very hard path to follow and you had to be strong.  We would lodge together night after night, sometimes 8 to 12 days in a row, prepare sacred foods, share stories, spend days together. There were naming ceremonies, a marriage ceremony, healing ceremonies, a tossing ball ceremony, and vision questing. It seemed like everytime they came we were doing a special ceremony for something. 

Jeff and Pam would come to us about every 3 or 4 months.   As the months passed it seemed like everytime they came there was always a new rule to follow.  The man who owned the property and whose land the altar and lodge was on was known as  the lodgekeeper.  He was their assistant. Anything that we had to know through Jeff came down  through him. Any questions that we needed to ask had to go through the lodgekeeper first. Things started to get a little strange. You couldnt really put your finger on it at first because it was done so slowly through a long period of time.
There were very strong suggestions made about money that had to be given as a protocol with tobacco for so many things like medicine, vision quest, sundance, advice or a teaching. Even if you wanted someone to sing or cook you had to protocol them with tobacco and money. It seemed like everyone was doing a wopula, either for an apology or a thank you, sometimes four people a day. Thousands of dollars changed hands sometimes within a ten day period.

The manipulation of how they recieved money was done by teachings, we seemed to hear over and over. "What is it worth to you? The more you give, the more you get back."

The programing was so subtle, but the impact was so huge. I think most of us knew deep down inside that this just wasn't right. It was often implied that money was to be given with protocol. For every flesh offering that was offered and another Grandfather was to be added to the fire the next day.  It was not unusual to have way over 130 grandfathers in the lodge. 

If a mistake was made during a sweat, like a song sung in the wrong place or if someone moaned or yelled out in pain, people were burned in lodge. We were told it was either because the Spirits were unhappy or that was a healing for someone. Many people would leave these lodges confused and wondering what just happened especially after a week or more straight of lodges.

Pam [told someone] "You have to choose 1 out of 3 ways to make things right...If I can't help you, the other choice was that someone you love would suffer, maybe your  children. 

[Pam] then asked me to sleep with [her] husband, to help [her and] because he was grieving over the loss of his father and was so weak that he needed a transfer of energy. 

When I asked questions, Pam replied that it was above my spiritual understanding. Pam would not leave me alone after that.  She kept asking me for this "favor."

Pam said things wouldn't be good if I told anyone. 

Jeff picked up our hair off the floor and put it in a baggy and [said] that someone could take hair nd manipulate it and do harm to someone and there is a lot of power in  someone's hair. I knew I had to get away.
Two months later I was very concerned about some friends and how they were being manipulated.  I told them what had happened. 

Then 3 other women came forward with almost the same story.

Aout half of the women have been very supportive. Some have totally detached.  And there are a handful that would not believe what happened and are totally devoted to the Sitting Bears.

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #5 on: November 16, 2008, 07:12:57 am »
Is there any new information on the Sitting Bears?

I'd like to know what kind of healer he is.

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2008, 11:06:23 am »
Hello, welcome to the forum.

I'd like to know what kind of healer he is.

And we'd all quite like to know who you are. Your posts closely resemble those of a man called John Martin, who's had a bee in his bonnet about this forum for a long time now.

His other ideas of fun include cyber-stalking women, threatening old people over the phone, and pretending to be an Airborne veteran, so I'm sure you'll be keen to distinguish yourself quickly from him.

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #7 on: September 04, 2009, 03:08:35 pm »
Barnaby_McEwan- I haven't posted here in quite some time. I see that by my two previous are suspicious on who I am.

I know of the name Jeff Sitting Bear and am curious as to what type of healer he really is. Dennis "Rocky" King truly is not a white guy. He is from the Oneida Rez in Oneida WI. No clue on what type of healer he really is either.

I was looking for factual information on the Sitting Bears. I do not need to disclose my name or personal information to you. I am not John Martin by any means.

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Re: Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
« Reply #8 on: September 12, 2009, 03:33:09 pm »
If you need a translator, this site is a very good one