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Funny but real:

Here in Italy a frequently heard statement from "romantic" people - when they meet Natives for the first time - is: "As a child, when we would play "Cowboys & Indians" like in the movies I always chose to be the Indian".
The usual comment from the Native person is: "I never did. I always chose to be the cowboy....Indians always lost!".


During a Dance Event, a nuage woman for a whole day asked an Indian guy (great Hoopdancer) to be given an Indian name, no matter how hard the guy tried to explain he was not going to and why. She would'nt listen.
Finally the guy, pretty exhausted, said: "OK: your name will be The Italian Woman Who Wanted an Indian Name"

She was not really enthusiastic about her new name LOL!


Another frequently (gosh ! How frequently !!!) asked question (to Indians) is: "I had a dream about this and that, in my dreams I see these and those....:WHAT DOES IT MEAN??  ???  ???  ???"
The most frequent answer (always kind and good mannered) goes: "Maybe that you should eat lighter food in the evening"


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