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Al - you came up with a great one when I interviewed you for the film, remember? (After which it was extremely hard to keep a straight face and carry on with the interview....)

Please rephrase it if you wish, I can´t remember exactly what you said. (But it is all on tape, folks!!)

For the dress-upers:

"I´ve always dreamed I was an Indian!"
"I used to dream I was Robin Hood as a kid, you don´t see me walking around in green tights, do you?"

:)  :)

OK so what do any of you say when confronted with the often stated "indian spirit guide"?

My comment is usually along the line of "What is it with dead ndn's that they have to come back bacome a spirit guide? It seems the more important they are the more they have to come back. Darn if I'd ever want to be a chief! I want peace when I'm gone".
They usually can't answer, well sensibly anyway, even if they try the sniggers of the audience drown they out.
A Cherokee friend who helps at exhibitions etc often gets people come up and say How! Her answer is "One scalp at a time" My answer to the same comment is usually "So you speak Lakota" That usually goes over their heads and leaves them baffled.


I met a lady with an Ndn spirit guide who had told her she had to help his tribe. So she has donated freely to our foundation.  Now *that* is something that makes at least some kind of sense to me - wouldn´t an Ndn spirit guide be more concerned about his people than giving a non-Native guy personal fullfilment ?

So maybe that could be another approach to the never-ending comment about Ndn spirit guides?

Mo, Woodowl, and Timberline Warrior, I need to know your actual names to give you writing credit for contributing to the FAQs. If you prefer not to say them online you can send me an IM here through the board or email me at educated_indio@yahoo.com

Talking with some people today, they started getting on about "signs" we see from nature. It was heavy rain outside the window, so I was asked what I could see in that?.

Simple Answer, " I am gonna get soaked walking home "

From the inquisitive," it has no spiritual meaning, and your a red indian "
Answer, " Yeh, I just answered, I am gonna get pissed on and pissed off "



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