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The main website for newagefraud.org remains unfinished because (1) I am very busy (hardly even have time to read the forum) and (b) I don't know exactly what is supposeed to be on there, and nobody has given me any specific instructions, I only got suggestions, and I definitely don't have time to do more than the technical stuff.

If someone would tell me exactly what is supposed to be on the site, I am happy to do the coding and uploading of files and make sure everything works. I can also copy-edit the text so it's all spelled and punctuated right and all that. ?

I hate to see it left undone but where do I find the creative energy to decide what content to include, which page to put it on, what images to use, etc. etc.?

Normally, when I do websites, the customer provides the content and directs me where it goes. In this case I may not need quite such specific direction and could apply some of my own creative juice, but for sure I will need a Jump Start. In other words, this "pump" needs priming.

Will someone please take charge of the creative direction for this site?

"About" is just fine.

"Known Frauds" should have the same warnings listed at www.nafps.net under Articles, then Spec Warnings.

"Articles" should have the same as Gen Articles on nafps.net.

"News" should be somewhat the same as News on nafps.net, but there are some things that need updating. The yahoo addresses should be described as portals, which is all they are. And I'll see if I can write up a description of just what yahoo did, and what the harassers did.

"Links" should definitely include all the Member Sites listed on napfs.net. But there's also a lot of other good links people have pointed to scattered over a number of posts. I'll see if I can gather them together.

In the meantime, if anyone has a list of their own links they'd like to see added, please email or IM Pat.

For "Contact Us" you can include my yahoo address there, as well as say they can IM me through the board. If you want to include your own address, or tell them to IM you for admin problems, I'll leave that up to you.

Any other suggestions anyone?

Thanks for all your help Pat. How's the website on Steevensz coming? I'd like to see it, and you should definitely add it to the links once it's done.

Thanks for the guidance.

For the "Contact Us' page it's not a good idea to put anyone's address there. I will put a form to send email, instead.

Geocities doesn't provide enough storage or bandwidth to accommodate what i am writing, so I'm doing it as a download-able e-book instead. It's still a long way from finished. I am asking Steevensz to comment on some incidents where I was not present and have received conflicting details, to get his take on things. It should be interesting...

I sent the following message to him:



As you probably are aware by now I am writing a book. Since a large part of the content will concern you, I would like to present your side of certain issues as well as clarify events where I either do not have all the facts or have contradictory information from more than one source.

This may be difficult to accomplish through email if you are still unable to type quickly and have limited internet access, but there is also the option of writing in longhand and using regular postal mail to respond, or emailing scanned images of your writing.

It's entirely up to you, but I make this offer because it really is your story more than mine, and it is being written objectively as a professional journalist would do it.

If you accept the offer let me know and I will send an initial list of simple questions right away.



The reply that came today:


My story is basically on the web. The deeper parts may not be proper to reveal,
since it will convey convidential aspects that can disrupt the process the Hopi
has still to work out themselves. I have already reached the limit of what I can
say. The hoopla around Roy Littlesun has already come into the arena of quite
disturbing elements and is probably also used by the "CIA", since the AIDS issue
is a cardinal factor for world control. I don't think you have an inkling of
what my path entails.
Thanks for your concern

He's still a conspiracy-nut, then. Have you read Anthony Storr's 'Gurus'? He has quite a lot to say about the grandiosity of people like Steevensz.


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