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Billy Jack in the Box


I was just over at nafps.net and reading that there is to be a remake of billy jack. Has it been done already?

I would assume that no Indian actor would want that role.

I remember seeing the movie when I was in my early teens. But if I remember right there was a movie that came out before this one (it may have been re-released as a sequel), almost sure it was before, called "Born Loser". It had the same actor and the same character Billy Jack, but he was more of a biker fighting a biker gang. This was even worse than Billy Jack.

My favorite part of the movie was Billy Jack's hat. It helped to cover up the huge hole in the head of Laughlin and his character.


It was supposed to have come out over two years ago. The remake was supposedly being filmed after the first Matrix but before the second two. This is what I recall from what was posted on Keanu groupie sites.

Either the film deal fell through or the movie must be one helluva dog. Even for Windtalkers, as bad as it was they only delayed release about a year.

If the deal fell apart, I'd like to think some exec's assistant somewhere read our criticisms and passed them onto the boss, but I wouldn't count on it. My own guess would be Laughlin's ego or cash hunger probably nixed it. He was publicly talking about an eight figure (that's 10 million or more) payoff for himself from the new film.

But there's no mention at all of it anymore at his official site. In fact he's still trying to hawk the last BJ that didn't get released because it was so badly made. What's even funnier is that he still fancies himself some kind of political leader.

Wait a second, just found this:

"Invest in the new Billy Jack film,  “Billy Jack??? Laughlin for President.
A 2-3 times return in 18 months or your entire investment back plus interest.
A limited partnership for qualified investors has been formed to finance the new Billy Jack film.  Though investing in a film is so risky it can be compared to throwing money off the back of the train, in the case of the new Billy Jack film, because Billy Jack was the single most profitable independent film ever made, enjoys an enormous cult following all over the world, and is the only major franchise film not owned by a major studio, plus the unprecedented controversial nature of the film and the extremely reasonable price it will be made for, give the new film a rare opportunity to be in profits through presales before the picture is even finished. For these reasons, we are, for the first time ever, able to guarantee an investor a return of 2-3 times their investment in 18 months, or their entire investment back, plus interest."

Laughlin could've made as much as 50 million on the first BJ films. If the second two hadn't bombed, he could finance a new one all by himself. But no, he's reduced to trolling for "donations" for it. Is that legal? Sure isn't ethical. He's pitching it as an investment, but labelling it "donation" makes it sound like a charity.

It's also pitched as a possible way to influence the 2004 elections, so the whole thing may be down the toilet.


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