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Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:21:55 -0000
Subject: [newagefraudsplastichshamans] Deer Tribe in Germany


The next couple posts are information gathered from German websites
and the hard work of our newest member Ingeborg. We need further
information on any of the fraud leaders, or critiques. Some of the
stuff Ingeborg found is pretty sickening, be warned.

Net Research 4
Deer Tribe -- sites from Germany

search resulted in 78 entries

The dtmms-sites for Europe and Grrmoney give only vary vague info re
locations, like e.g. Black Forest area, or 'near...'. However, they
near Hamburg and near Berlin, and near Frankfurt.

The search also produced something interesting, though it will be
hard to get a copy:
A list of Mainz University, college of anthropology, with exam
for several years, among them:

Yvonne Eichler: The Deer Tribe. Archaic Rituals in a post-modern
Society. On Neo-Shamanism in the Federal Republic of Germany.

There were also 'exotic' entries like for a service taking care of
old/sick persons where they have an entry for every employee. One of
them, a doctor, writes she has done a healing training with the Deer
Tribe from 96-2000. This is in the city of Mannheim.

The persons from DTMMS doing seminars here are:
---- Batty Thunder Bear Gold
---- Rose Thunder Eagle Fink
who e.g. ofer seminars on "Indian-shamanic world view".
Fink is an Austrian who says she lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She
Harvey SD Reagan her teacher. Fink also does sweats at Belzig; I
this info on a different site, but Gold was not mentioned as a sweat

Both Gold and Fink offer part of their seminars (or maybe all, this
couldn't be verified as no locations were mentioned explicitely) in
small town of Belzig near Berlin. Belzig is situated in the East,
the premises there were acquired from the government authority
established to help the East get on its feet but turned out a sell-

The Belzig premises were bought by a project called ZEGG = Centre
Experimental Shaping of Society (I wrote an info text on them about
years ago, but have no access to that computer any longer --- long
---- I sent copies to certain and to Khola project in Belgium were
someone may have kept a copy).

As an aside: two more persons appearing at ZEGG seminars are:
--- Peter Caddy from Findhorn community; follower of H. Blavatsky's
theosophical "root races theory" which says that so-called lower
("Redskins, Eskimos, Papua, Australians etc.") must die to make way
higher races.
---- Manintonquat, whi is introduced as a storyteller from the

Apart from the premises in Belzig, ZEGG maintains several smaller
projects and houses throughout Germany, with Belzig being their
centre. These premises were bought with about DM 2.1 million,
2.2 million were spent on repair work. A substantial part of these
was raised by ZEGG membership.

ZEGG is no sect or political cult, but resembles both as its members
also tend to eventually drop all outside contacts and even live in
run projects or houses. ZEGG means to create a free society and
the theories of Wilhelm Reich in their ideological framework. The
way to achieve a free society for ZEGG is free sex, and the topmost
characteristic of a liberated individual to them is uninhibited sex.
ideology is sexist in several respects: they claim that a free woman
wants even more sex than men, and that a really liberated woman of
course never denies sex to any man. To this end, they even draw up
so-called "fuck lists", during the early years in handwriting,
computerized, to achieve at a situation where everybody does it with
everybody. Or almost: homosexuality for them is a mark of an
personality, and e.g. male homosexuals are subjected to healing
processes during which they are made to have sex with women.
any kind, by the way, is no reason at all to deny sex, and if you
you aren't liberated enough.

ZEGG has its roots in a predecessing organisation called AAO =
Analytic Org. founded in 1972/73 by Vienna artist Otto Muehl. This
existed until 91, when Muehl was sent to prison for raping minors
were in his custody. The story behind this is that Muehl "reserved"
sexual initiation (read: rape) of girls aged 13 or 14 to himself.
girls were daughters of members of his organisation. Teens refusing
be raped by Muehl were put under constant group pressure until they
up resistance.

Although ZEGG claims they haven't got anything to do with AAO, ZEGG
leadership were either members of AAO or (frequent) visitors at AAO
premises. ZEGG leader Dieter Duhm even admits that the framework of
was written in 1977 at the AAO premises. ZEGG definitely takes care
keeping in a safe distance from crimes like chicken hawking, but
have links to projects advertising 'consenting' sex between adults
minors and also cooperate with them, although not quite openly. One
example is the socalled "Stamm Fuessen" (Stamm means tribe, and
is the town where they're located).


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