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Cause of 9.0 quake?



If you want corporate oil tragedies all you have to do is point to the the massive conflict and environmental pollution the industry causes.



I think that's bad enough; it's not necessary to put up a page that says 'I know nothing about petrogeology or seismology. People who do have cast doubt on my suspicions. I still say it's not a coincidence that oil prospecting took place in an area where *a month later*, there was an earthquake, and then *gasp*, two days after that quake but THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY, the biggest earthquake for forty years occurred.'

Q: Two earthquakes occurred on the same day. Are they related?
A: Often, people wonder if an earthquake in Alaska may have triggered an earthquake in California; or if an earthquake in Chile is related to an earthquake that occurred a week later in Mexico. Over these distances, the answer is no. Even the Earth's rocky crust is not rigid enough to transfer stress fields efficiently over thousands of miles.

from http://earthquake.usgs.gov/faq/plates.html#13


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