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Many Hoops
« on: November 21, 2015, 12:32:35 am » this site is being used by teachers for elementary school kids. The ladys who created the site are Bahai. There is actually lots of stereotyping like posting Native American prayers and prayers for specific nations that are just the stuff you see in memes. In this page they post stuff that shouldnt be posted especially on a site that schools are using.

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This is Paula Bidwells website. She is one of the creators of the Many Hoops site. She uses New Age generic animal totem descriptions and pan Indian teachings for her crafts that include medicine bags.
At this link you can see that she is actively looking to convert Indian People to Bahai
Then there is the sites where she talkes openly about ceremonies
And participates with Brook Medicine Eagle
And other odd people
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She became a member here back in 2012, but has not been active.

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This group, calling themselves Grandmothers of the White Buffalo, just asked a Native person for assistance in borrowing "teapea" poles, for a "teapea" being loaned to them by the Cherokee Nation????? Cherokees did NOT live in TIPIS!