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Busta Kristina Bräuer Özel runs a practice for supposedly traditional Hawaiian massage and so-called Hawaiian “Feng Shui” (Hawaiian Geomancy) in Bremen.

Her business address (German):
Short documentary about her activities (German language, can be converted to English via auto-translation):
Her current YouTube channel:
Her old YouTube channel (Contains videos by Tamara Ho'okahi):

English Website about the concept:
Tamara Ho'okahi's Website (German):

Busta Kristina Bräuer Özel is part of the social media fan-group "Baboji-Army" around the Saarland right-wing esoteric Baboji/Radikale Erleuchtung/Radical Enlightenment (Andreas Dengel) who is committed to a variety of religious traditions (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Abrahamic Mysticism and Neo-Paganism)

According to his own statements, Dengel also had contacts with right-wing extremist parties in Germany such as the AFD and NPD/Die Heimat in the past.
Religious traditions serve him and his followers only as tools and are not taken seriously as traditional teachings. They are used for personal development and the implementation of social goals in society.
According to statements in his videos, Dengel sees himself as a follower of the tradition of Julius Evola's fascism, anarchism and rejects democracy as a political system.

A summer meeting at Dengel's was planned, but it did not take place because his apartment burned down. See Bräuer Özel's posting in the comments section on the fundraiser for him:
Old annoucement für the summer meeting with Bräuer Özels commentary about it:

Dengel's YouTube channel (German):