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Re: Good Sources-Alternatives to Nuage
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The Matthews, who are English, wrote some OK things when they first started out, but now they are some of the worst appropriators. Caitlin plays very loose with the translations, and last I heard John doesn't have any Gaelic or Welsh at all. Even worse, they are very involved in taking misunderstood versions of Plains NDN ceremonies and trying to "Celticize" them. For instance they sell fake Inipi ceremonies - which they call by appropriated and misapplied Gaelic terms - but it's a fake Inipi. They are largely to blame for starting the whole "Celtic Shaman" fad, which is offensive and damaging to all the cultures they are ripping off, blending and misrepresenting.

Their only books that are useful are the anthologies where they've compiled older, now copyright-free, manuscripts. But skip over their collections of these materials and go straight to the originals. Most of the copyright-free stuff is now available online, anyway, and for free.

This came through on Facebook today on Caitlin Matthews page.  I found it interesting that someone who appropriates is annoyed that she was in turn appropriated.

I have been sent an extract from a self-published book in which I feature. Apparently viewing my image caused an experience in the author - not from any actual meeting, as I don't know her. So I'm really and thoroughly annoyed at being cited as the source of a contact that told the author she was 'an honorary shaman.' None of my spirits would ever say this, to my certain knowledge. Anyone who knows me and my work would speedily dismiss such a thing. After this experience, she went to a shamanic workshop (not any of mine, I hasten to say) and is 'now a shaman.' One workshop does not a shaman make! Arghh! What can one do about such an assertion? The book is apparently already published and seems to be largely about angels. Why did she not contact me first and check I was alright with this?

It attempts a manner of passive self-endorsement that I've never come across before. People have claimed to: 'work with me'  :) attended one class); that I would be speaking at their conference  :)
was never even invited, but, who cares, it gets bums on seats and then we can say she cancelled!); that I gave permission for lengthy quotations in their book  :) didn't bother asking me and certainly wouldn't have paid a permission fee) and all manner of other things, but this takes the bloody biscuit!

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Re: Good Sources-Alternatives to Nuage
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Thank you very much for this information - trying to find my authentic celtic roots!  These links are a great start!