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Identifying the Predator: Spiritual, Financial, and Sexual Abusers

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to where one would go for legal support in cases like these?  It bothers me that this can be done, and the perpetrator can often,  (I think), walk away unscathed, while the victim is left to pick up the pieces. Also, in my experience,  the person inflicting these injuries is also running a smear campaign behind the back if the victim, grooming even the victim's friends and family. Another forum I'm on refers to these groomed people as "flying monkeys." 

Btw,  RedRightHand,

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I was psychologically and emotionally abused by a New Agey therapist for over a year and experienced exactly these traits.

When you come to understand the hallmark signs of a narcissist/psychopath (narcopath), they become easy to spot. They are not very original and use the same lines e.g. "you can trust me...", "I would never do anything to hurt you" followed by over the top praise and admiration in the beginning e.g. "you're very special", "I think you are amazing" , "we have a special connection", in order to win your trust. Once that trust is won by these manipulations, the mask eventually slips and you see another more sinister side of the person. This is where cognitive dissonance kicks in and you find yourself unable to make sense of what is happening to you or of who this person actually is. Most people then begin to blame themselves for the abuse.

Getting you to doubt yourself via shame, blame, guilt-trips, and manipulation are the narcopaths #1 M.O. Predators, whether they are the people we date, seek "healing" from in some professional capacity, or simply have to interact with, prefer targets who are vulnerable for the most part, but will also prey on anyone they feel they can get away with.

I will add to this list of red flags by saying that if you are dealing with ANYONE who when called upon their actions, immediately attempts to blame and shame YOU rather than take responsibility, you are dealing with a toxic narcissist and should immediately distance yourself from them. If you are in ANY kind of interaction with another human being that takes on the quality of a roller  coaster ride -- meaning up and down, up and down, depending upon the whims of the other person, you are dealing with a toxic narcissist and should also get out as soon as possible. Ditto anyone who tries to convince you that you are "unstable" "crazy" or not seeing things clearly whenever you attempt to hold them accountable for their outrageous actions.

Trust your instincts because they are there for a reason. Our bodies will give us signals when something and someone is not right for us. It is their for our protection. Learning to listen to those signals and not discount them will keep you safe.

What happened to me should never happen to anyone seeking healing. If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved myself an enormous amount of pain and suffering. Being betrayed  and abused by someone you should have been able to trust is one of the greatest betrayals we as human beings can ever experience or perpetrate on one another.

Always remember that those with dark intentions often come wrapped in facades of innocence and light. Trust your inner knowing.

Just wanted to add that I am female and was abused by a female therapist. There is a great misconception in our culture that only men are psychopaths or abusers. Women are just as capable. In fact, some of the most dangerous narcissists/psychopaths I have known have been women not men.

Nice compassionate information. Very helpful.


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