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Gowa Peshewa - Doc Macaki Peshewa relative?

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I found this, with another surname. The top picture is also in the Instagram account mentioned in my previous post:

--- Quote ---Indigenous Woman's Coffee Shop for Social Justice
Gowa Gram is organizing this fundraiser. $16,133 USD raised of $17,000 goal
This is an opportunity to help an Indigenous woman honor her ancestral purpose by opening a fair-trade and inclusive coffee shop for patrons of all demographics.

This mission will provide an outlet for everyday people to contribute towards indigenous communities, while celebrating traditions of harvesting organic coffee beans and the Maya regenerative farming practices that heal the earth. By establishing this collaboration, we are creating a harmonious cycle of renewed hope and brotherhood between the general american consumer, the earth, and its indigenous peoples.

“As an Indigenous woman my dream is to bridge the gap between modern consumerism and sustainability for Native American and Indigenous peoples. I want to give my city an opportunity to directly financially support Indigenous communities and empower them. I will unite my passion for preserving our heritage and honoring traditional First Nations ancestry by partnering with indigenous cooperatives who provide sustainable certified organic coffee beans with no pesticides or contaminants. All packaging is 100% compostable and recyclable to reduce harm to the environment. With each purchase of coffee at our establishment, you will directly impact the lives of indigenous people and contribute towards healing the earth. Every donation directly contributes to the livelihood of indigenous coffee growing communities.”

The purpose of this business is to bring a tangible way for local and visiting patrons of Nashville to support Native American and Indigenous peoples with a convenience that accommodates all lifestyles. Creating this brick and mortar coffee-shop will provide the accessibility for customers to contribute towards social justice for Indigenous communities on a regular basis, while increasing sustainable practices through actionable habitual efforts.

Proceeds from each coffee purchase goes to social justice for indigenous people by means of:
 - Honoring and healing the earth
 - Self-sufficiency and political independence
 - Sustainable development of rural communities
 - Child welfare, including education & nutrition
 - Defense of indigenous cultural identity
 - Education in organic agriculture

By donating towards and sharing this fund, you become a valuable ally to Indigineous communities. You uplift the voices of Indigenous peoples. Your support is unparalleled.

Updates (1) January 31, 2021 by Gowa Gram, Organizer
Thank you so much for sharing and contributing to this mission! With the help of our community we are well on our way to making this dream a reality.

So far we have the business plan mapped out, initial framework for the company formed and all the legal filings completed. We are in pre-opening phase as we check things off our to-do lists.

As business logistics are being completed, we hope to secure the shop location in March and begin remodeling in April.

Coffee samples are in and we are so excited to be working with our Indigenous cooperative partners, supporting social justice for the families who farm together on their own lands. Harvesting the coffee itself is an act of love for our planet as the farmers use ancient traditions to heal the earth.

Upon opening, we are so excited to feature Indigenous artists each month, giving folks an opportunity to directly support Indigenous creators and buy their handmade pieces at our shop. Additionally we will be donating a percentage of our sales to specific Native communities each month. Preserving Native and Indigenous heritage and giving folks an opportunity to support these communities is the forefront of our mission.

We will continue fundraising for the next few months, hopefully reaching our goal by spring and we dream of opening by early summer.

Please continue to share our mission with friends and family who want to be involved in supporting Native communities and Indigenous peoples. You are an ally. We couldn’t do it without you!
--- End quote ---

Again, no hints of which indigenous people(s) she is referring to, not even when it comes to herself, the "Indigenous Woman".


--- Quote from: Bahesmama on January 13, 2022, 04:45:23 pm ---
--- End quote ---

I found two Facebook references to this article, with long discussions of Gowa's non-nativeness. Please read the comments.

(In there is also a link to — the other NAFPS topic mentioned in previous posts.)

"Peshewa" hired a law firm and is making noises about suing. Which of course doesn't make her sound nervous at all about her claims being questioned.

Below is their two emails followed by my two responses.

Dear Sir or Madam:   
I am writing to you on behalf of Ms. Gowa Peshewa regarding false and derogatory statements published on  your site  about Ms. Peshewa’s race, ancestral lineage, and character.  Such action  can be construed as libel since you have expressed in written or other graphic form statements that tend to injure Ms. Peshewa’s character or reputation and thereby expose her to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule.   

You are hereby given formal demand to remove all of such libelous statements from publication within seven (7) days and cease and desist from publishing such statements.  If you continue to make such statements, Ms. Peshewa will have no alternative but to file suit against you for libel and to seek the full measure of her damages as permitted by law. 
Very truly  yours,   
Merritt,  Webb, Wilson & Caruso, PLLC   
Shandi L. Fleeman

Ms. Peshewa hereby renews her demand that you immediately remove such libelous statements from publication within forty-eight (48) hours and cease and  desist from publishing such defamatory statements in the future.   

Ms. Peshewa remains desirous of an amicable resolution in this matter; however, if you fail to timely resolve this matter with removal of the defamatory statements, Ms. Peshewa may be forced to pursue further legal action.  You may forward your written confirmation of the resolution of this matter to our office.  Thank you in advance for your immediate attention.

 This must be a record for incompetence by a law firm So many errors that a first year law student, or even the average layman, would not make.

1. It's been black letter law for over 50 years that either pointing out or arguing someone is a race or ethnicity other than what they claim is NOT libel. Only a racist who hates other races or believed them inferior would claim it is.

2. "Peshewa" is under Research Needed for almost two years. She's not under Frauds. At least not yet. That's because she's gone to some effort to hide her legal or birth name.

3. All the information in the Research Needed thread is reposted from other sites, including her own claims. Perhaps she should send empty legal threats based on bad lazy research to herself. Or to the many others who questions her claims.

4. So far all evidence points to her being a Rachel Dolezal type imposter. Her relatives are or were very obvious frauds, Jerry Dill and "Macaki." They were part of obviously fraudulent organizations, TN Indian Council, Remnant Band Shawnee, and NAC Strawberry Plains.

It takes all of five minutes to see that any of these organizations are either whites who are obvious imposters or whites who kid themselves based on dubious family stories. Your research is incredibly lazy, if you did any beyond naively taking her word.

5. Didn't the fact that she carefully avoids naming any alleged tribe set off alarms for you? Didn't her dressing in a bad imitation of Plains Indian regalia rather than as local tribes actually wear set off alarms? Or are you that ignorant of the most basic things about the claims of your client?

6. We do welcome all information that could clear up these matters. If she could give her actual legal birth name and her tribe, that would go a long way.

We'd also gladly post any statement of hers in the thread.

I'm going to post these emails between us so all can see.

It's also quite telling that she claims to be raising funds for public education and a nonprofit, but can afford a law firm.

As a follow up I forgot to include in the previous email:

We have quite good genealogists. If "Peshewa" hasn't researched her claims of ancestry (clearly, her law firm lazily never did) we could do them for you .

Most white southerners with claims of Native ancestry actually have Black ancestors, usually because of a slaveowner who raped his slaves. They then tried to hide their Black ancestors because of their self hating racist shame at being part Black. This certainly would fit with her screaming "Libel!" the way segregationists and other white supremacists once did.

Truth is an absolute defense to libel. That's been black letter law for some time. We have no falsehoods on our site. In over 25 years we have never been sued. But we get empty threats to sue all the time that always lead to nothing.

We have members from dozens of tribes all over the US, Canada, Latin America, and Pacific Islanders, including  academics, activists, and members of tribal and band gov'ts. We are widely used as a resource by universities, museums, news organizations, and people from all walks.

But then you would already know this if you actually read our site or researched us. So you may wish to actually question your client instead of wasting everyone's time some more.

We hope she'll be honest and tell us her legal birth name so we can research her family history and settle this matter.

Sandy S:
I want to make sure we capture this comment on an earlier posted Facebook link

"I messaged a woman in our community that I had been buying products from, that had long used photos of Gowa to promote her products. I expected they were close, but did not know they had known each other since they were young girls. I won’t share everything because some of it would be even more damaging beyond Gowa’s Shawnee claims, but she did admit that Gowa was raised in the community, by a man that ‘tricked’ an entire group of people into thinking he was Shawnee. Then the goes on to defend Gowa’s actions because of the psychological damage inflicted by him, giving her a pass to profit off of Shawnee claims because she cannot hold Gowa accountable due to this twisted environment. "

Sandy S:
Public records:

Name:    Tennessee Show Pony, LLC
   Status:    Active    Initial Filing Date:    12/14/2020
Formed in:    TENNESSEE    Delayed Effective Date:    
Fiscal Year Close:    December    AR Due Date:    04/01/2024
Term of Duration:    Perpetual    Inactive Date:    
Principal Office:    GOWA PESHEWA


Parcel Details
Wilson County, TN | Tax Year 2024
County Information
County Number: 095
Reappraisal Year: 2021
Property Owner and Mailing Address
January 1 Owner


Gowa Peshewa in Nashville, TN received a Paycheck Protection Loan of $4,046 through Southeast Community Capital Corporation dba Pathway Lending, which was approved in April, 2021.


The name "Gowa Peshewa" isn't really turning up anything useful through usual people searches. She's using that name apparently legally now but I've no luck so far finding birth name.

GOWA PESHEWA" might be a clue. I'll keep searching.


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