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I did not post that site in which Ashby is maligned. Although she has stated what is on the internet is fair game, evidently not when it concerns her. The numbers she posts "proving" I am all these people, or have a cast of hundreds in my living room are false.  Anv was a dear friend of mine, and certainly not me, nor am I James.  My husband, towards the end of his life, was unable to dial a phone well, let alone operate a computer.  I am not really sure where her animosity towards me comes from.  I live alone in the desert, away from many people and my family, and the  ng's were a social place for me.  I now have to go to moderated groups.  As I lived on two reservations for many years, my kids are enrolled, native issues are not only an interest, but have some concerns for me. I was sorry to see alt. native, (which was always kinda  rough and tumble, but never like this!!), fall prey.
I am not sure how things work, but I do know that Lisa is in Hawaii, and not in Arizona, as Ashby insists, and Anv posted out of Mt. Judah, Arkansas.  I am not sure where James is at the moment, he was in Montana.  Bravesheart posts out of Georgia, and also uses E.Y.Y. as a screen name.
It is just too confusing to me.

This may explain her animosity.
I have repeatedly said that I am so against new age people purloining Ceremony. I have spoken out against having non-Natives at Sun Dance and doing sweats.
I believe it is dangerous to call up Spirits and then not know what to do with them.
I thinks it really ticks the Spirit off, and an angry Spirit is a dangerous one.
Ashby has a woman now who claims to have all the Peruvian Indian Ceremony knowledge.
I wonder if I spoke out against someone or something she  supports?

Sizzle Flambé:

--- Quote from: Moma_porcupine on September 11, 2009, 04:08:21 pm ---... I seem to recall Betsy saying she is in NC and it might be something to look into...

--- End quote ---
(fixed broken link)

Betsy has a home in NC, but goes back to her "compound" (store and campground) in VA to run events.

That passage of NC law does seem to fit, doesn't it?

... to knowingly make any false statement concerning [...] indecent conduct or criminal conduct of the person telephoned* or of any member of his family or household with the intent to abuse, annoy, threaten, terrify, harass, or embarrass...

* For purposes of this section, the term "telephonic communications" shall include communications made or received by way of a telephone answering machine or recorder, telefacsimile machine, or computer modem.

Stumbled upon this, and it's a bit gratifying. The original faux "Miami shaman" that Ashby defended and first began attacking NAFPS for daring to criticize, John Wilde AKA Grey Medicine Wolfe, himself was criticized by VA Indian tribes and leaders. Wolfe agreed to quit doing his faux version of sweatlodges.

Not only that, Ashby basically admitted Wolfe is not really a Miami at all. In Ashby's words:
"...John never claimed to be a Tribal member, he just said one of his ancestors made whoopee with a Miami Indian, which is the truth according to his Mother and Grandmother."

IOW, he possibly had a single Miami descendant according to family tradition, but he's not Miami. Ashby's description makes it sound like a brief liason, not anyone ever having been raised in Miami culture. It may've been a single great grandparent, or perhaps even further back. He's a PODIA with 1/8 or less unproven allegation of BQ, no contact, and knowing little about Miami tradition.

Naturally Ashby had to resort to her typical bigotry, claiming it somehow proves persecution by "fundie Christians."

For the record, Ashby, criticism is not persecution. And there's no sign that the Tidewater NDNs are fundamentalists except your paranoid bigoted description.

It's also worth noting her reaction included asking all VA pagans to cease all support of NDN causes, and a further bizarre bit of bigotry where she claims that NDNs can't be Christians. Quick, someone tell the Yaqui. Or the whole NAC.

It's to Wilde's credit that he agreed to do the right thing when asked to, quit his faux sweatlodges. Quite a contrast between his graciousness and ethical behavior and Ashby's hysteria and vicious bigoted grudges.

This may seem off topic, however, in response to some people claiming sockpuppetry of others.
But opednews has been hacked. and in there little page of discussion of that, there is this, which
seems to refute some statements made as to ip's being traceable.
I would assume that other IP's may have the same way of doing things, as it would appear to me, a total technoidiot, as a more cost efficient way to go.
Bold underlining is mine.

"If you use an AOL internet address, you might find yourself unable to
log in. Let us know and we can fix that. **The problem is that AOL
uses the same IP address for thousands of people, ** so if we ban one
person with an AOL email address, all the people with the same IP are
affected, until we whitelist them. If you get such a message, you
should get an email with a link. Send it to me rob at opednews dot com
and I can quickly fix the problem."


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