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...erased my unnecesarry off topic replies...


--- Quote from: A.H. on February 10, 2008, 01:47:28 pm ---Christianity didn't come as some enlightened spiritual movement here - it came with sword and openly political intentions some 1300 years ago (speaking for my country). And it destroyed practically all of pre-christian religions, traditional knowledge about plants, even most of the old traditional music and ceremonies... (do you ever wonder why folk music from Central Europe is mostly from 18th and 19th century?
--- End quote ---

I think that is a huge oversimplification of history, a stereotypical view of Christianity, far from historical accuracy. Please keep the rest of your comments in this thread on-topic.

I think Earth is right i t is a form of abuse. It's experimentation. The person does not belong to that culture. And in order to do that it has to be taken from another culture for a price. For whatever reasons given the appropiating culture never had this in this form. People can justify it with all the philosophy they wish. But it still has physical effects on the body. You need to look at all the pro's and con's. And there is a lot of information available. It's also a big business.

Done my time,  ;) .. now I erase another unnecesarry off topic material.

I agree ayahuasca is a gift. To indigenous people of Amazon and the world in general (I insist, sorry).

I hope more good will come of all this interest the World has shown lately than bad.



Some more superficial abuse report:

A healthy model for universally applicable good use:

Some more serious research (I hope - because the surrounding organisation has some slightly new-agey vibe):


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