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Re: Sitting Bears
« on: June 03, 2006, 04:18:34 pm »
This category is for posting about people we aren't sure are frauds. How could you have any doubts about this one?

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Re: Sitting Bears
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2006, 05:24:31 pm »
I can't find anything about them on sites in German language. Do you have any additional info?

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Re: Sitting Bears
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2006, 10:00:30 pm »
Jeff does seem to be from Pine Ridge. Found a funeral notice about his father. The family seems to be Presbyterian.
"--------- "RE: Crossings" ---------
Date: Tue 6 Nov 2001 07:42:58 -1000 From: Gary Smith <>
Subj: NA News Item- - - - - - -<Forwarded news>- - - - - - -
October 30, 2001
Eugene Sitting Bear
  KYLE - Eugene Sitting Bear, 76, Kyle, died Friday, Oct. 26, 2001, at Pine Ridge Hospital.
  Survivors include three sons, Jeffrey Sitting Bear Sr., Allen, and Chris Sitting Bear and Chester Sitting Bear, both of Kyle; six daughters, Phinette Little White Man, Josephine Janis, Colleen Sitting Bear, Marlene Little White Man, Velnita Sitting Bear and Romaine Bear Killer, all of Kyle; one sister, Victoria Eagle Elk, Kyle; two brothers, Ross Sitting Bear and Vern Sitting Bear, both of Calico; 37 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. Two-night wake begins at 1 p.m. today at St. Barnabas Episcopal Hall in
Kyle. Services will be at 10 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 1, at the hall, with the Rev. Daniel Makes Good officiating. Burial will be at St. Barnabas Episcopal Cemetery. Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge is in charge of arrangements."

This seems to be their website. He does sweats, vision quests, naming, and will make you a medicine pouch. Claims to be NAC Vice President. Pam claims to be Oneida/Lakota. Yahoo translation:
"Loves prospective customers, loves friend inside,
for two years we meet regularly each neumond to sweating huts in helmet peat (with Hamburg). Find additional in irregular distances - asks whenever someone for a sweating hut - further ceremonies. These dates come off mostly at short notice and who to participate wants, must inquire simply.
Twice in the year we in addition our "mirror-image ritual invite Leader" Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear (Lakota/Oneida) to visit us and hold ceremonies.
For more information can their me gladly at any time call: 0171-1132677 or 04183-775913

The date overview:
Date Ceremony
Mo. 10. January, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Di. 8. February, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
DO. 10. March, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Fr. 8. April, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
So. 8. May, 12,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Mo. 6. June, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Mi. 6. July, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Fr. 5. August, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
SA. 3. September, 12,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Mo. 3. October, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Mi. 2. November, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
DO. 1. December, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
SA. 31. December, 12,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut  2006  
So. 29 January, 12,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Di. 28. February, 18,00 o'clock New moon sweating hut
Our sweating hut circle
Bring along Or two towels, a seat document (ISO mat). Men usually carry a towel for Shorts or windings around the hips. Women carry a cotton dress, nightgown or a large towel.
In principle the participation in a ceremony is not available. We ask however over:
- a participation in the costs of fire wood, stones, the place etc..
- a so-called Giveaway, a gift, to the sweating hut leader.
  How much you give, is affair of heart and is left to you.
- your energetic assistance when up and diminishing.
Ceremony meal
after each ceremony there is only a ritual meal (from corn, meat, red berries exists) and afterwards a large meal. This meal either cooked of the sponsor, alternatively bring along for everyone a part in addition.
If you have a special and request important for you, for which you look for support and a sweating hut sponsors would like, you describe it to that, that to lead were your request and give him tobacco.
If it accepts and accepts the tobacco, you agree upon a date, at which the sweating hut is to take place. You help then during the preparations, cook the meal and appreciate the assistance with a Giveaway.
Drugs (e.g. alcohol, hemp, etc..)
get along not with indianischen ceremonies and should at least two days before the ceremony be set off or at best the no more not be taken and/or drunk. Coffee and cigarettes are not considered here (fortunately) as drugs.
Inipi or sweating hut ceremonies  | Ceremonies with Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
  Healing and assistance (Sponsoring)  
The Inipi or sweating hut ceremony
The sweating hut ceremony is the oldest and one of the furthest common all indianischen ceremonies. There were similar rituals in former times also in nearly all old master cultures. In the life of traditional Indians the sweating hut ceremony plays still today a central role.
With different details the sweating hut is used both for healing patients, up to clarifying social tensions. In addition the sweating hut serves the preparation and cleaning for the execution of all important ceremonies, e.g. the sun dance and the vision search. Unfortunately the knowledge was lost around it in many trunks. The furthest common kind sweating huts to accomplish, which also we follow, comes from the trunk of the Lakota.
The expiration of a sweating hut:
A iglufoermige dome bound from pasture branches is covered in such a way with covers that it is absolutely dark on the inside, with closed door. Before the hut in a fire of stones heated up to it red glowing. After we abgeraeuchert ourselves with Salbei, first the women go and then the men into the hut. The fire man brings the glowing stones and puts her into the center. The Tuere is closed, the leader pours water onto the stones. The stones give us its holy breath which we open, by beginning to pray. We sing the holy songs of the Lakota. Which happens then, by everyone differently one feels and can be seized badly into words.
After each round will the Tuere opened, light and blows air occurs, further stones to become by the fire man brought. The sweating hut ceremony consists of four rounds. After the fourth round we leave the sweating hut. After dressing and clearing up we meet to the meal and Kloenen.
In this ritual kind "sweat" has a cleaning effect on bodies and spirit. It brings us back with the elements (fires, water, air and earth) and us in contact and shows us that we with everything distorted are. Which we with the words Aho metakuiasin (for all my relatives) express.
Sweating hut circle  | Ceremonies with Jeff and Pam Sitting Bear
Healing and assistance (Sponsoring)  
A whole night long we sit around in the tipi around ceremony a fire and sing and pray up to the next morning.
Ceremonies with Jeff & Pam Sitting Bear
Jeff Sitting Bear is a mirror-image ritual Leader and traditional sound ones the Oglalla Sioux, as well as Roadman and vice-president the native American Church OF South Dakota. It knows itself in both traditions in the best way out and is entitled, the seven rites of the Lakota - Yuwipi -, sweating hut, Tipizeremonie, distorting shank makes, the ball throws (to the first Menstruation of the woman), to accomplish vision search and sun dance.
Pam Sitting Bear comes from the trunk of the Oneida. It accompanies Jeff for years, supports it with the ceremonies and prepares indianische herb medicine. It knows itself with the "woman side" of the red way well out and gives when desired therapeutic einzelbehandlungen."

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Re: Sitting Bears
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2006, 08:30:10 pm »
The brother's trips may be a good reason why no Austrian sites show up during a search.

The Hamburg location you mentioned may well be the place showing up in the link above,, as they say they will do seminars etc in a village by the name of Helmstorf which is in the vicinity of Hamburg. There might be a connection between these two places/organizers, as Fintel happens to be in the same region; the places should be some 30-50 kms apart.

It just took me quite some time to get a location where this might take place in F., and after many attempts got a hit with the catchwords "sweatlodge" (in English!, no match for the German equivalent) and "Fintel":
Nothing at the site mentions anything in the way of sweats, sundances, or seminars.