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Tom Pinkson,
« on: October 19, 2005, 03:47:40 am »
I probably should have posted this to frauds. But here is what my friend sent me:

Calling his outfit WAKAN is truly tasteless.

It is also incredible that he claims Mt. Shasta -- going above the timberline is a no-no for anyone except n8v doctors and patients.

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Re: Tom Pinkson,
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2005, 05:10:25 pm »
He seems to me to be a mixed bag, trying to learn from Native examples some pretty good ethics such as these:
"shamanism has been marginalized, oppressed and in some cases, violently annihilated, its practitioners put to death. It is important that modern students and practitioners of shamanism realize the persecution that their shamanic ancestors had to face, and that indigenous shamanic cultures still face today.
It is also important to remember that shamanism has always been a practical endeavor. The shaman would journey into the Mystery with the help of their totem ally with clear intention to get something from the journey that they would return with and use to help people of the tribe....
The shaman was thus concerned not just with individual gain or accomplishment, but with the health and welfare of the entire community."

Also a lot of good links and endorsing all kinds of good causes on his site. But then he turns around and does something like this:
"Empowerment of life and living is the essence of what I help folks get in touch with and this is what I offer to you"

I don't see any sign he's claiming to do Huichol ceremonies, mostly just vague and goofy drumming "journeys". And then there's this:

The guy sure does love showing off to the world "Look how spirchul I am, mosquitos and whales talk to me."
Meanwhile he's making quite a bit off of being Mr. Spirchul.
"Phone consultations are available on a half hour, hour or longer basis with fee structure of $65 for half hour, $125 for one hour and $185 for an hour and a half....
Check under announcement section of nierica for dates for scheduled quests, drum circles and speaking engagements...
Contact tomás using this simple appointment contact form to set up your appointment time. Note, >>>you will be asked to already have paid for you session before it starts.<<< You may pay online using credit card or PayPal on our secure shopping cart."

Also alleged Huichol vision quests or pilgrimages for sale for the low low price of only 600 bucks.
"trucha and the dreaming have been on me for many years to do a sacred pilgrimage to the southwest and finally the time is right. Since this is a car camping trip those of you who have wanted to join me on a vision quest but were limited due to physical considerations, this is the trip for you. This will be a powerful shamanic medicine pilgrimage like to the one to Wiricuta with the Huichols that promises to be very rich for us all....
Mid-summer heat will mean that we'll have most of the places we visit to ourselves. Up before dawn, mid-day hang out, late afternoons and evenings out and about again... Tomas is our shaman. They each have years of wildland leadership experience.
Join us: depart Marin at dawn on Friday, August 12, 2005, and conclude at dawn on Saturday, August 20, in southern Utah. Car camping and a short one or two-night backpack. $600.00 plus your food and car expenses."

This ain't no ceremony, it sounds like a camping trip dressed up as a ceremony. I don't think he even knows much about the Huichol. Most of what's on the site is just typical Nuage misunderstandings.
"a visit to the Redwood Retirement Home in Mill Valley the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Following guidance that came during a retreat on Mt. Shasta, a group of us from Wakan went over to the "Redwoods" to do a ceremony honoring the elders who lived there."

Pretty much they played drums and hugged the elderly people there. Geez, couldn't you just be nice to seniors without the Nuage mumbo jumbo? Do they really need a faux vision to tell you to treat the elderly well?