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Awahoshi Kavan
« on: September 13, 2005, 12:05:29 am »
Picking up where Willow's post in the other thread started.

Photo of her 2/3 of the way down.
"AwaHoshi Kavan
Experience vibrational alignment for both emotional and physical rejuvenation through the medium of crystal sound....The harmonics align the etheric and corporeal being into higher frequencies of Knowing. AwaHoshi Kavan includes vocal toning surrounded by the crystal music. Born in America of Czechoslovakian-Native American ancestry"

Nuage music of hers, check out the descriptions.
"Heiwa Sanagi - Peace Chrysalis Awahoshi Kavan
The sound of the crystal cicada, accelerated healing beyond the pain. This CD presents a wave of crystalline energy that is the atom of the new revolution. Atomic sound that does not kill life but illusions, flashes of light that do not melt eyes into blindness, but give renewed inner vision, energy heat that does not burn but purifies. This is pure transformational music.
Lunarian  Awahoshi Kavan
Lunarian is designed for those who understand the quality of crystal in its most primary and powerful form - sound waves. Sound that promotes deep Delta brainwave relaxation and out-of-body experiences. Pure tones amplifying the listener’s capacity to experience Alpha brainwave visions of transcendent colour and dream like images. Harmonics that accelerate personal transformation by removing the disharmony of negative emotional imprints.
Circle Dance  Awahoshi Kavan
Awahoshi's Circle Dance fills the void of real vibrational healing music that we can dance, sing and pulsate deep into, annointing our ancient connection with Mother Earth-Naturally High. Didjeridoo, talking sticks,drums, her voice,crystal sound (subliminal and real) sound enginerred by Media Luna/Pete Cudmore of London. Last cut of Circle Dance narrates the true story of sacred smoking. Indigenous tones that release chained dogs and caged birds. Medicine music, beyond trance and into awareness. Great for all bio dancers, aerobics, physical fitness exercisers, and active meditators."

That last CD, and this "tribal care retreat" are the main lies she has about tribal traditions.
"Tribal Care retreats include...indigenous painting...crystal collecting, one Full Body Treatment, One Reflexology Session, Crystal Sound Sessions, Chromo-Aroma Bath, Group Dynamic...consultation."

And franchising out fraud, including one in Australia.
Camilla Nova age 49, Australia
Certified Crystal Sound Therapist
Phone: +61 (0)2 6684 4088
Mobile:: +61 0438 844 089
Samayaa V. Vidoni, Italy
Seeker, Osho therapist
Crystal Sound Therapist
Mitsutoshi Ono, age 37, Japan
Certified Crystal Sound Therapist
Julia Juri Yermakov, age 40, Japan
Certified Crystal Sound Therapist
Tel & Fax: 03-3488-5686
Mobile: 090-6154-0509

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Re: Awahoshi Kavan
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2005, 01:03:39 pm »
Wow, think if I pay a lot of money I could franchise this.

Nah, maybe not, I'd appear here as some fraud and fool.

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