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Kayatipis UK
« on: May 25, 2005, 05:45:54 pm »
There is a local firm (?/seems to be 2 men) suddenly appeared that offers tipi retreats and workshops Goes under the name of kayatipi and this is a link to their site
My wife has been mailing them about the workshops and these are the mails that have been passing back and forth..

Hi, I just stumbled across your site and was wondering if you could tell me a little more about your activities.  I am especially interested in Native American things.  Are you Native Americans?  It all sounds really interesting and I should like to know more if that is possible please?

Love and Light, Jan

I have attached details of our open day which would be a great way to find out what we do. Our teachers are Native American but we are not.
Nyah Weh Scanno
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I am so sad............ :0(  I cant make your open day due to other commitments, we will be on holiday.  I hope I am not being a nusiance here but could you please tell me what tribe your Native American teachers are from, I have met a Cherokee half-blood and was facinated with the tales they tell.  Also could you tell me what workshops you run and how often (Native American ones that is)  I have always wanted to take part in a Sweat Lodge, do you run these?  Oh I am so excited................please let me know :0)  
Blessings, Jan

My first Teacher was a Sioux and now I see Bob Nitsch of the Seneca every year when he comes over. I have a Shamanic Day at the site on 2nd July. Native American days we take to schools so maybe we can take it to your local school!!!
Nyah Weh Scanno
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More research to follow, but has anyone heard of Bob Nitsch?


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Re: Kayatipis UK
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Re: Kayatipis UK
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Both those web sites seem to have disappeared Timberline....
What did you do to them?

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