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Anyone know anything about him?

Tim Dancing Red Hawk said

--- Quote ---I am an Ordained Pastor and a nationally recognized Spiritual Leader and Teacher of Cherokee Medicine. My grandfather was raised as part of the Bird Clan on the Eastern Cherokee reservation and was taken from his mother at a young age and given to an adoptive white family.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---As a Pastoral Care Specialist, Hospice Caregiver, Cherokee Spiritual Leader, Story-teller, Healer and Consultant, I combine my Cherokee heritage, years of ongoing study with Native American Medicine Elders, my experience as a parish pastor and as a hospice chaplain to offer a unique perspective on living, dying, and existing in this, our Circle of Life.
--- End quote ---

The story he gives about his grandfather being taken from a Cherokee reservation and being adopted by whites is fairly common amongst many people in the South East.  Most of these claims are bogus.  And even if this was the case, his family most likely because of being adopted,  intermarriage with the dominant society and moving away from his community, would have lost most of their Cherokee beleifs and traditinons.  Cherokee medicine people can be found ONLY in Traditional Cherokee communities in North East Oklahoma, and in Eastern band Cherokee communities in North Carolina.  Also, that United Cherokee Nation IS NOT A Cherokee Tribe. They're a bunch of fakes.
I can say without doubt that this man IS NOT A CHEROKEE SPIRITUAL LEADER

This was taken from the CHerokee Nation Cultural Resource Center.

Medicine People are taught by other medicine people, who hand down their 'medicine' to the chosen ones. Medicine formulas, songs and other rites are hand written in ledgers which have been handed down throughout many years. It is dangerous to try to interpret the Cherokee writing in these books and use them without the proper training, as most are written in cryptic fashion; leaving out major portions that the practitioner has learned verbally, written in code, or even written backwards.

Traditional Cherokees consult with medicine people for help with medical problems, dilemmas in their lives, or other problems. There are fewer of them alive and practicing today, but are still well known by traditionals and in the Cherokee communities. It is not accepted for these medicine people to advertise or make their services known in other ways. The proper way to find a medicine person is to be part of a Cherokee community, ceremonial ground, or family, and come to know this person through those connections. (As a tribal government, we are not at liberty to disclose the names of these persons.)
Info provided by the Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center. For information regarding culture and language, please contact:

Here's his Myspace page:

I am Eastern Band of Tsalagi(Cherokee), Ani Tsisqua (Bird Clan), and this is the greatest gift my heart has ever known from the Creator. I am proud to be a practitioner of Cherokee medicine, a State Clan Chief and Tribal Council Member for the United Cherokee Nation, and an ordained pastor serving a Native American congregation in Milwaukee, WI. I am the Director of Elawei Ama Spiritual Resources working as a ceremonial leader and consultant to those who are interested in traditional ways and teachings. Coming from the traditions of the Eastern Band of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) tribe in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, I facilitate ongoing Pipe Circle ceremonies and Sweat Lodge ceremonies to create balance and harmony in the community and empower the healing of others in the spirit of indigenous peoples. I have dedicated my life to being of service for healing, teaching, and spiritual connection. As a practitioner of “Cherokee Medicine”, I have led ceremonies for the healing and health of mind, body, and spirit for individuals and groups. I have taught native traditions and conducted numerous workshops and presentations for churches, schools and groups throughout the Greater Milwaukee and Chicago areas. As a Hospice Chaplain and Spiritual Care Giver, I have walked with over 5,000 men, women, and children on the journey through their last days of life and provided spiritual care to thousands of family members. I've led and designed my own unique support groups for the bereaved and designed a specialized support group for Victims of Violent Crime used by the city of Chicago. My years of experience as a Pastor, End of Life Spiritual Care Giver, Educator, Counselor, Cherokee Ceremonial Leader, Spiritual Consultant, and Native American Storyteller are brought together as I share with others my unique approach to living, loving, and letting go in the Circle of Life. Walk in Beauty and embrace the peace of Mother Earth and all our relations! Aho

Interesting website. It gets complicated. Spiritual gifts move through generations and can reappear after skipping generations. I have often wondered how it confusing even frightening it must be for people who inheirit a spiritual gift (responsibilty). Perhaps this man has inheirited something he is trying to work with or maybe he has simply fooled himself or had someone who doesn't know tell him he's gifted.I would need to know if he fits a cult leader profile. Does he control people. Does he make money off his work/ racket and most important does he indeed help people. Perhaps this is best answered by the NDN community in his region. It's always weird to see those bearded old hippies dressed up like Willy Nelson calling themselves by hokey NDN names.  ???

These are some of his "heros". Some familiar and notorius names are posted. Especially Ed McGaa, Dhyani Wahoo, and worst of all Brooke Medicine Eagle. This does not impress.
Grandfather Rolling Thunder, Ed McGaa, Dhyani Ywahoo, J.T. Garrett, Michael Tlanuwa Garrett, Tsali, Yonaguska, Junaluska, Chief Tuffy, Walt~ my helper for life, Chief Stone Bear, Chief Katey Lee Ross, Rose Little Deer, Terri Buffalo Star, Darryl Young Elk, Joanne Shenandoah, Mary Youngblood, George Daniels, Tommy Lee, Jack Russell, Lawrence Jacobs, Grandmother Roberta, Grandmother Wilma, Grandmother Beverly, Jan Seiden, Rod Jackson, Sonny Ledford - Ani Kituwah, Brooke Medicine Eagle


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