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I was surprised to find there's only an archive thread about this one! He was last heard of in some hippie enclave in northern Australia couple of years ago, and a couple of years before that was spotted doing sweat lodge ceremonies for money at a new age fair in southwest England.

Now he may be back in the Houston area, "networking", and busily turning himself into a living Franklin Mint Heirloom Collector Plate. Images may take a while to load but they're worth it.


Franklin Mint Plate:


Franklin Mint Plate:


Franklin Mint Plate:


Franklin Mint Plate:


Franklin Mint Plate:


Check out his homepages.

"William Two Feather & I am a practicing Faith Healer ovr 10 years, & done so around the world 3 times in this capacity. A legend in my own mind and a self proclaimed Intellectual. Each day is the best day of my life."
Additional information:
"A lecture on ~ Concepts of Faith Healing ~ Jan 13th Only such Lecture in USA until a world tour # 4 is finished in 2008"

He actually said all of these:
Legend in his own mind
World tour
Self proclaimed intellectual
Faith healer (you know, like the snake oil televangelists)

And he actually offers these:
"William Two Feather has performed hundreds of exorcisms around the world and has practiced this along with faith healing for over a decade. It is not like the Hollywood pictures here in the trenches. The dark side possesses a code of conduct and guidelines are in force.
There are three types of infestation - person, place, and thing. Students will not be taught how to perform an exorcism per se as it is very dangerous, but all participants will come away with a healthy understanding of the inner workings of this phenomenon that is found in every country around the world.
What about ADD or hyper hypo this and that? Is there a link in such cases to the dark side of spirituality? What should you do if you feel someone is possessed?
Bring your questions, comments and experiences to this teaching and we will address them all.
This teaching/discussion will last one to two hours.
Hands on Exocrisms are no longer available."

Well I feel so much better knowing that. ;)

And this bit is pretty funny.

"Who are the warriors of light? Why do we need them? How do they attain their position? What tools are available for confrontation? If someone we know is being spiritually attacked what can we do? Who is the dark side and why are they gathering up their forces?"

Luke, you don't know the power of the daaaaahk side.

"Is the time coming for the war to go past bombs and bullets? William Two Feather has trained over a thousand Spiritual Warriors and many have become teachers themselves.
This training spans one to three hours."

As little as one hour? Taking down your credit card number must be half the lesson.

And this bit:

"Each practitioner-to-be must fully comprehend the entire methodology and will be given an oral examination at the end of teachings. The ones who pass will be certified and will join a worldwide family of practitioners.
This class is a minimum of 10 hours, to be split into two days, Saturday and Sunday.
>>>For those who are interested in psychic surgery, a bonus night on Friday the 17th will be available for an additional $100 contribution. No certification will be awarded on this particular teaching."<<<

Pretty hilarious. Psychic surgery is from the Philippines. It's basically palming bits of cow guts and blood.

"Those interested and who are now practicing are recommended to attend this seldom shared teaching. Be aware that there is limited methodology that is permitted to be taught to the public and strict guidelines are in force. * see preparation sheet for reference on how to get ready for these teachings.
Your recommended contibution of $500, $100 to pensioners of Scorpios (natural born healers), and
a 10% scholarship will be considered upon acceptance of one-page handwritten petition sent to:to: N.A.S.P. PO Box 696 La Madera, NM 87539"

Euro astrology proves you're a natural healer?


It is no surprise that WTF has branched out, to include the Franklin Mint.  When we met him, in Saskatchewan, he was very much into attracting attention to his need for "fame" and "fortune."

I'll always remember when my wife embarrassed him and another Elder made light of his "showbiz" attitude, at the International Gathering of Traditional Medicines and Healing.  I wonder why he was never invited back?


this guy sure looks like a fraud ,w/the pics he looks like a hairy Native , Hair all over his chest ...... so where is he located ?

EducatedNDN... you made me LOL with the Luke comment.... I think it irritated the Statistician that sits across from me (they're very quiet and focused... and have no snese of humor at all). 

WTF reminds me of Iron Eyes Cody for some reason.

And really, WTF is up with those initials???


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