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--- Quote ---WIND SPIRIT DRUM is a husband and wife duo who share their Eastern Woodland Native American culture and music through their flute and drum performance art. They perform traditional songs and stories in language and English. The husband and wife duo are allegedly Eastern Band Cherokee and claim a few other Tribes.
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--- Quote ---WINDWALKER
Windwalker, Head drum, flutist and vocalist and is fluent in many traditional instruments and musical genre's. She is a Native American healer and a licensed massage therapist and is of Mic Mac, Lenape, Cherokee and Oglala Lakota Sioux descent.
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Spirit Buffalo, of Mic-Mac and Cherokee heritage, is the groups resolute drum and drum keeper. Spirit Buffalo is a published creative writer, illustrator and musician.
He is a Sundancer and Sundance chief. He is the Lenape Nations 2nd Chief. He is proudly a Vietnam Vet.
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--- Quote ---The group recently completed its first music video, TRAILS OF TEARS, shot on-location in Magdelena, New Mexico with Nammy nominated film-maker/editor, Chris Crosby, musicseenPROductions and Jason Cochran, Skysirrico Productions.
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This is their music video “Trail of Tears”.  Notice the guy who goes by the name “Spirit Buffalo” walking around with the breast plate and  bone choker necklace on with the bow and arrow in his hand?  This video depicting the Trail of Tears is a disgrace and an embarrassment to those of us that actually do have ancestors that Walked to Trail of Tears.  In the entire sixteen minute I didn’t see much at all that accurately depicts the Trail of Tears.  Our Cherokee ancestors didn’t walk around carrying powwow drums and chicken feather fans during this time, nor did they sage themselves.  And from what I know, the other Tribes in the Southeast that were removed West didn't either.

They also give “Medicine Wheel Workshops” as some sort of a part time endeavor.

--- Quote ---Renowned 3rd generation Native American healer,
WINDWALKER and husband, Edoal Spirit Buffalo during a recent lecture.
March 2010

Workshops may include:

Hands on Healing, with well renowned 3rd generation
Native American healer, WINDWALKER

Body work with native remedies.

Lectures on native healing proprieties.

Shamanic visioning thru song and native drumming.

Private performance by traditional drum performance group, WIND SPIRIT DRUM

Balance your daily life and learn to heal yourself!!

Join us!!
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offer services for the following:
•   Lenape Spirirts Medicine Wheel Workshops. Teachings on how to balance your daily life and learn to heal yourself
•   Home parties, providing entertainment immersed in Native American culture.
•   House Blessings
•   Lectures on Healing properties, including Women's Health and Healing parties
•   Licensed Ministers for Native American weddings, children's blessings and funerals.
•   Native American educational storytelling for all ages. Teaching at schools, libraries and civic organizations
•   Siminars on massage and the ancient ways of reflexology
•   Including traditional fact finding services.
•   Drum making classes
•   Native American music scores and performances
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They also appear to be involved with this charity called Blue Sky Charities Group located out of New Mexico.

--- Quote ---Also, you may make a donation by personal check or money order, payable to BSCG.  Please mail your support to:
Blue Sky Chairities Group
1412 Del Norte Blvd, Grants NM 87020
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Wind Spirit Drum, managed by Studio West Management.


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