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Creative Native:
I have been receiveing pop up errors on my computer saying I need to delete temp files. Ok so I go to do that and check to see what was causing the problem and there was a huge number of cookings from newagefraud. Why do so many cookies attach theirselves here? It seemed a lot were for graphics but I thought it was weird. Anyone have a problem besides me?

Defend the Sacred:
Just went through the cookies on my computer and only two were from this site. I think they were just the ones that the system places if you ask to stay logged in.

Got to delete a whole bunch from other sites, though, so thanks for giving me the excuse to look through the folder!

Creative Native:
Thanks for checking. Yeah... I do stay logged in. I just checked again and most of the files are for gif images and are 1kb..... there are several php files.. one is 5kb and the other one is 11kb... 26kb... 24kb... 14kb stuff like that. One is for java the 14kb one I think the biggest one was a whopping 64kb. 

You don't even wanna know what aol attached. grrrr  >:(


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