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NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN Karen Bethann Farrington AKA Kasmira Ann McCann

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Once again, someone claims shamanic (noaidi) knowledge of the Sámi in North America. This time, it is a woman who has been called out in the past. Her behavior is cult-like. Here is her FB page:

She has also started a "secret group" which she moderates and spreads disgusting lies and fantasy about the real, living, Sámi culture. Anyone who questions her is kicked out of the group and blocked.

Another concerned Sámi American found this on some New Age page:

 "Dr. Kasmira McCann is a Descendant of both Slav & Saami Indigenous Lineage. Her lineage is one of Healers, Mystics, Herbalists, and Teachers of the Ancient Oral Teachings from a Slavic & Saami Lineage that dates back more than 70,000 years. Her form of teaching brings together Oral knowledge past down through the centuries through Storytelling with the hidden meaning within the The White Lotus Mandala TM / Medicine Wheel."

The last time I reported someone on this forum, they tried to destroy my career by writing a letter full of lies to my employer. Their followers and supporters spread vitriol and wrote to my publisher, to no avail. These people are dangerous. They dishonor the REAL Sámi and REAL Sámi descendants of Sámi immigrants in North America. I know that by calling people out, I gain frenemies. I don't care. The culture of my ancestors, the culture I live daily, and the real Sámi people and our collective history and future mean more to me than FB contacts.

People really just need to be with okay with their own heritage.

Thank you to this forum! Ollu giitu!

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She says she is a "shamaness" with this training:

--- Quote ---3-Year Advanced Shamanism - Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
2-Year Celtic Shamanism - Tom Cowan
Intensive Shamanism - Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Shamanism & Cancer - Myran Eshowsky
Soul Retrieval - Sandra Ingerman
Weather Shamanism - Nan Moss & David Corbin
Urban Peacemaking Shamanism - Myran Eshowsky
Spirits of Earth Shamanism - Nan Moss & David Corbin
Shamanism Healing - Elaine Egidio
Native American: Spirit Mother Shamanism - Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
Egyptian Shamanism - Adam Kane
Shamanic Drumming Reiki - Michael Baird
Japanese Shamanism / White Light Reiki Levels I, II, Advanced, Masters
Karuna Reiki Levels I, II, Masters I & Masters II - Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Angelic Lightworkers Reiki - Walter Lubeck
Teaching Reiki to Children - Barbara McKell
Ancient Tibetan Buddhist Thangka - Carmen Mensink
And continues her studies at the KTC Buddhist Monastery
--- End quote ---

She is licensed in New Jersey:

--- Quote ---Name: KASMIRA ANN MCCANN
Address: Manchester,NJ
Profession/License Type: Nursing,Advanced Practice Nurse
License No: 26NN09798500
License Status: Active
Issue Date: 11/13/2000
Expiration Date: 5/31/2018 
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Name: KASMIRA ANN MCCANN
Profession/License Type: Nursing,Registered Prof. Nurse
License No: 26NO09798500
License Status: Active
Issue Date: 9/18/1990
Expiration Date: 5/31/2018
--- End quote ---

(license check )

See, now that is just scary too. One would think that nurses would have a handle on reality....

I wish there was a way to get the page taken down from FB. But I guess if hate pages are allowed to remain because of free speech, then there is likely no way FB will remove it.

Her LinkedIn.

About half her teachers are listed as frauds, Cowan, Ingerman, "Proudfoot" and that notorious foundation.

Her site peddles a lot of ceremony selling and mangled mix of Nuage ideas.

Ancient Shamanic Energy Healings            Slav Divination from the Spiritual Elders
Peacekeeper, Dream-weaving                    Ancient Tibetan Meditation
Earth Medicine          White Lotus Hot Basalt Rock therapy        Usui White Light Reiki [Reiki Master]
Karuna Reiki®    Angelic White Light Reiki     Drumming Reiki
Certified IGM® Acupressurist       Soul Retrievals    Shamanic Extraction healing
Past Life Remembrance     Shamanic Mediumship
Power Animal Retrieval as well as Compassionate Spirit Guide Retrieval
Limpia Cleansing          DNA Releasing

So that's ripping off or Nuage distortions of Natives, Latinos, Tibetans, Slavs, Sami, and Christian ideas about angels, etc. And I really love the spirchul touch of copyrighting left and right.

Also selling knockoffs of Euro pagan drumming.

February 3rd – Imbolc “Preparing for Spring”  6:45 -9 pm
March  24th - Spring Equinox   6:45 -9 pm
April 28th – Beltane “Celebrating Faerie Folk”  6:45 -9 pm
June 23rd  – Summer Solstice on the Beach at Island Beach State Park   6:45 -9 pm
August 4th – Lughnasadh  1st harvest  6:45 -9 pm
September 22rd – Autumnal Equinox/ Mabon 2nd harvest   6:45 -9 pm
October  27th – Samhain/Halloween  from 6:45 pm – 10 pm  [prepaid Spiritual exchange $55 with registration]
December 22th – Yule/Winter Solstice  6:45 - 9 pm

It's hard to find what spirchul claims they DON'T sell.

*** Reiki I & III Levels are the foundation requirement for attending Angelic Lightworkers Reiki,   Drumming Reiki,  Reiki III,  and Reiki Masters.
McCann teaches from these Ancient Teachings as an Attunement Master within this Lineage.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!                                         
....4-hours once-a-month for the next two years.  Tuition:  $100/month....

This Workshop will give you the Ancient Tools to become the Great Water Goddesses.
Tuition: $55/month

1 - Year Class: Introduction to Herbology Certification Program
Classes will be held on the first Mondays of the Month...$1332

  Reiki I - $200        Reiki II -  $235         Reiki III-  $250
Master Reiki - This is a most Sacred class... Reiki Master's Symbol, Attunement, Certification.  Each student receives a Master's Sacred Reiki Book and CD. 
Date: TBA  8:30 - 6pm  : $600   
Angelic Lightworkers Reiki  - A specialized Reiki that calls in the Divine Healing Power of the Archangels within the Reiki Healings.   Students will receive an Angelic Attunement, sacred symbols, taught to create a Angelic Altar. $235

Reiki Drumming - This is a two-day course... 9-4pm $300 

Moved to Frauds.

Defend the Sacred:
Yes, this fake Sámi newager has been causing a lot of harm on social media. She managed to join some of the looser Sámi groups on Facebook, and immediately tried to find recruits. She was spotted for the fraud she is, but she had quickly started using what few contacts she made with ignorant and vulnerable seekers to start messaging them to try to gain followers. She promptly blocked all the actual Indigenous people and focused on the confused noobs and newagers. I don't doubt she is right now pressuring them for financial and emotional commitments.


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