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Anyone heard of a Ray Freeland from Dayton Ohio??
He called the tribe complianing about one of our enrolled members
he has no proof of Native blood but does ceremonies in Ohio?

Looks like he also goes by the name "Singing Bear"? He wrote a couple of guestbook comments here, but McAfee doesn't like the site, and he only wrote things like "great site."

This Singing Bear Productions MySpace page is his:

He doesn't claim Native blood there, but has some photos of Natives up.

There's another white, very Nuage "Singing Bear" in Fairfax, CA, who comes from Ohio and "is part Native American but does not flaunt it [!]," but his name is Tony something; they don't look to be the same person.

Ray's FB page

includes this: "About Ray:Went into the Army in 1968 finised in 1973. Wife says I left the better park of my brain in Vietnam. I now folllow the Red road and veterans issuses. I ma an independant tv producer with over 150 show under my belt and always looking for new ideaes."

Can't find any reference to his selling ceremony, nor am I qualified to comment on his Friends page (as to whether the people are Native or not, I mean).

Hi Earthw7

This is Camilla writing.

With reference to Ray Freeland, through Google I found that this Ray left a message in the Guestbook of and indicated an e-mail address which is ""
Then I tried "Ray Freeland Singing Bear" writing it in the Google bar: the first link you see refers to Myspace, where the first lines are written by this Ray, who is introducing himself (7 children etc. etc.) Unfortunately my home computer doesn't allow me to open the link....anyway I hope all this can be of some use for you.
Have a nice day!


I just realized Laurel already found much more!!

Sorry Laurel!  :)

On the facebook page he says he was adopted into the Shawnee tribe.  Doesn't mention which one and seeing as it's Ohio there's a good chance it might be Pope Hawk's United Remnant Band.  Just my thoughts.  Everywhere else on the other sites he says he's white/caucasian.



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