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Trying to be an ally
« on: October 13, 2019, 08:18:49 pm »

I got clean from drugs thanks to sweatlodge ceremonies led by First Nations people involved in NA and AA, more than 19 years ago.  I try and support First Nation causes, as I do not want to just take, take take.  Basically I have the attitude that since I could be dead had I not been allowed to attend those ceremonies, I darn well better always try harder than most people, to be an "ally" to First Nations people.  Trying to be an "ally" happens in many ways, but one way is to avoid cultural appropriation.

I learned that as a white woman, if I am going to go to a sweatlodge, it should be led by a First Nations person, and obviously be a lodge that is open to white people.  Since my first year getting clean was very difficult, and those ceremonies REALLY helped me stay clean, and because I could likely die if I relapse, I am hesitant to give up sweatlodges all together.  BUT, I have learned to just be careful what lodges I go to, to not enable a culturally appropriated sweatlodge.  As a side note, because of how I relapsed in 1999, I also know that a New Agey twinkie lodge can also encourage a relapse, for me anyway.  No matter how well-meaning the people involved may be, I cannot participate in any of that.  And of course, cultural appropriation is dead wrong.

Due to health reasons I had to retire early and leave the Bay Area, my home for more than 30 years, and move to my old hometown of Eugene, OR, because it is so much cheaper.  I have found one sweatlodge  here that might be culturally appropriate, but I am checking on here about it, to see if there are any problems with it.  Thanks!