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Bronze Dragon International: Susanna Bellini
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Hello folks,

Just thought I'd post this here for you to look at.

I came across this website last year and when I looked at it, really I was not amused. This woman really seems to be milking it...

Just to give you a little taster:

Susanna Bellini is the creator of Shamanix™, a Reiki Master, NLP trainer and former apprentice to Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP.

She teaches the most advanced shamanic energy, healing and mind skills, that people can use overtly or subtly and seamlessly, to transform their positive impact on others and make the greatest positive difference in the world.

Susanna has spent years distilling the secret wisdom of the ancients and the unspoken power of both medicine man and shaman into the powerful system of Shamanix™.

In 1999 Susanna’s training went international, when she started to be invited to teach Reiki, NLP and especially her own shamanic energy system, Shamanix, in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

She has also developed a unique shamanic energy system, ‘Shamanix’, which builds skills and develops conscious spiritual awareness in a safe and grounded way.

Susanna has evolved unique methods of teaching, incorporating shamanic, energy and trance techniques, which transform individuals’ skills and abilities, easily, effectively and faster than any other known teaching method.

The website is below:

Why Shamanix™?

If you are interested in learning shamanic and energy skills quickly, easily and safely, this is the training for you.  Susanna doesn't believe in unnecessarily lengthy courses, apprenticeship and initiation rituals, she doesn't believe that hard work and suffering are the only or the best paths to enlightenment.  There's an abundance of fascinating skills and abilities you can acquire and Susanna shares these  openly, straightforwardly and as fast as possible, according to each individual's experience and existing abilities and consistent with safety and good practice.  If this approach appeals to you, read on, then come and find out how Shamanix™ can put you in the driver’s seat and on the road to success.

Oh and she has quite an amount of NLP practitioners vowing just how amazing she is. Well maybe I ought not to say, but often when I see NLP next to some new age program alarm bells start ringing.

There is NLP with a dash of Shamanism:

Ok then folks that is all for now but I hope that it has been useful for you. I'm not sure if I posted it in the right section, so please feel free to move it :)