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Exploiters of the Comanche
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Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 17:31:31 -0000
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From:  "francis grey wolf" <francis@f...>
Date:  Fri Oct 8, 2004  8:36 am
Subject:  Who stole the Flag?

John "Red Eagle" Castillo claims to be a member and Ambassador to
Germany for the Comanche Nation of Lawton, Oklaha.
According to Wallace Coffey who is the Chairman for the Comanche
Nation in America John "Red Eagle" Castillo is not a member at all
and not even a Native American but a Mexican-American and apparently
has various names and personalities!

Chief Larry Nichols who does represent the Comanche Nation in Germany
was stunned to discover that the Comanche Flag which was given to the
Linden Museum in Stuttgart by the then chairman Johnny Wauqua in a
culteral exchange with Germany was taken out of the museum by John
Castillo on the production of false documents and given to a local
German citizen by name of Peter Haug, who now proudly insists that he
is now a Shaman and "Keeper of the Comanche flag" due to the support
of John Castillo.

They are now touring Germany doing a road show called the Four Suns
and presenting the flag as part of their show and John "Red Eagle"
presenting himself as a "Comanche Elder". And doing "Bullshit" Sweat
Lodges! With others who are also involved in this scam.
In an attempt to return the flag to its rightful place back at the
Linden Museum Chief Larry Nichols and Professor Guenter Fischer tried
through correspondence and peaceful means to get the Four Suns to
return the flag honourably but to no avail.

Finally it was decided to present them with a situation whereby they
would be shamed into returning it through a peaceful demonstration of
numbers so that they would have no doubt that the true
representatives of the Comanche in Germany would not tolerate this
nonsense or the shame they brought about through their lies and false
impression the were giving the Germans about the Comanche.

Professor Guenter Fischer, Chief Larry Nichols, my blood brother  Dr
Lightning Bear, myself and others totalling approximately 24 people
went to the show the Four Suns were giving in Tubingen Germany with
the plan to walk onto the stage after the interval, confront John
Castillo and Peter Haug.

Professor Fischer with his friend Dieter  would mount the stage walk
to the flag and greet it. Dieter would stay by the flag then the
professor would call Chief Larry Nichols and all of us then walk onto
the stage and ask them to return the flag on behalf of the Comanche
Nation. We then planned to return the flag the museum after
performing a smuging ceremony to purify it.

Sadly we were betrayed! Someone in our group told the Four Suns of
our plans and they had bodyguards and TV camera's in the hall and did
not bring the flag with them. When the professor discovered this we
had to call the whole thing off because they expected violence but we
were determined to be peaceful, although some of the young bloods
among us would have enjoyed an all out fight to get the flag back!
At this moment in time the flag in still in the hands of the Four
Suns and we are still trying to get it returned. Professor Fischer
has presented the Four Suns with official documents from Chief
Wallace Coffey but they still insist on holding onto the flag.
Your prayers are asked for its safe return to the Comanche Nation and
its place of honour in the Stuttgart Museum.
Thank you for reading this.
Blessed be,
Grandfather Grey Wolf