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NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN: Dwayne Frost/Kitchi Musko

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A warning passed along by ENAF:

Here is a NOT have any business with a Cree-indian named Kitchi Musko (Dwyane Frost) Canada. He is living in Germany with a Norwegian women called May Britt Mosler. They are saying they will come and perform etc and then they tell you to send  money for the ticket, and then there will be silence. His wife and kids in Canada, and his mother and sister is looking for him. That tells you that he is not a man to be trusted. 
I run an indian Norway and they was to come here to take part at the Alternative expo in november in Oslo. Money was sent, the program was written, and all details was arranged. Then they did
not show up and in the end, he told lies like he did not get a passport. A huge lie since he is travelling around all the time. So, do not get agrements with those persons. You are warned.
They got me into huge troubles and problems.
Sincerely Inger, leader of NONAI (The Norwegian organization for the North-American Indians).

I have been in contact with this man´s family in Canada and feel terribly bad for them.  They seem to be really warm hearted, traditional people and they have spent a year looking for him. Recently they took help by Interpol who found him in Germany. The Police phoned up his sister just to tell her that Kitchi has no intentions to go back to Canada and will not speak to his wife, his mother or his children. (He is apparantly too busy cheating people for money....)

It´s amazing what greed can do to you...! :(


I am a "Eco and Wildlife" student in the Netherlands. As we where to have a lesson from Dwaye I contacted my teacher about it when I found this message. She replayed that the school is doing succesful business with him for over several years, and confirmed she always likes to work with him and he never failed an appointment once.
Also the message from the NONAI doesn't tell how it realy went, and is not doing him justice.
Today I have met Dwayne and besides I learned a lot from him, I wish him al the best, and hope that everyone reading this message can have the same experience that our class had today. Remains me to tell him that I would like to wish him all the best for now and in the future.


According to several newspaper reports (cf  ), Dwayne Frost passed away in December 2013.

Is there any sign of sites or individuals using his name, claiming they were authorized by him to be healers? If not, we should think about moving the thread to Archives.


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