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Here is Dawn Fitzpatrick's maternai grandfather obit translated to English:

All their ancestors I've found so far in census are listed as versions of Nationality: Canada, Race or Tribe: French.

Most Deguays in this area have a common ancestor who came from France in the mid 1750s or so. 

Comment in a reddit discussion:

Dude has such an identity crisis. On the one hand, he wants to cosplay as an indigenous person, and be taken seriously as such, but on the other hand he defiles indigenous cultural icons (such as the dream catcher on the Moosegut album cover) with a swastika. An album about hunting... he's just an edgelord that's hard to take seriously
38fangz is said to also be him: Tracks include "Tribal Stompin' (Don't Give A Fuck)" and "Witches & Does".
He has more tats. He performed at the May 2024 Steelfest in Finland, both as Ifernach and as a session guitarist for other groups.
His mother has a French surname.

The family has photos up from the 60s and 70s of teens in scouts and sport groups, which include Dawn's father. Mother has a photo up of herself when she was around 6 years old or so.

I don't want to give Dawn any ideas on how he could fake it more.

If his claims were true I'd expect to find indicators, I don't. Nothing.

All evidence points to this family being non-Native, white, solid middle class.

Frauds / Re: Ronald Lee Paulson AKA Warren or Warron Big Eagle
« Last post by debbieredbear on June 15, 2024, 07:30:15 pm »
Dawn has a Misfits cover band, Skulls 138. Doubt if most of their small audiences know he's a Nazi. There are more pictures there showing how fair skinned he is. He also put out a rap song, seriously. It was much mocked by those realizing Nazis definitely shouldn't try to rap.
Frauds / Re: Nazi Black Metal (NSBM) Bands/Performers Posing as Native
« Last post by educatedindian on June 12, 2024, 01:53:58 am »
Meztlixictlico is a one man project of Itzamná.
Did a compilation "Honorable Extremist Alliance Against Subhumans Jewish Plague" with seig heiling Nazis on cover and song "Muerte a los hijos de Sion" (Death to the Sons of Zion).

Gateway of the Sun is a one man project of Raksaza with albums titled "Aryan Spirit! Aryan Pride!,"   "Blood and Soil," "Fight for the Aryan Race," "Equality Is a False God!" plus pseudo Inca titles. The album "Taypi K'ala" titles are all in Quechua and could fool those who don't know better.

Nazghul has three projects,
Incanate , meaning the Inca empire, has the album "Sieg" as in sieg heil and a big Nazi SS lightning strike on its cover. "Killing Bastards" is a demo with a Nazi sacrificing a woman on the cover and the song "Covered by Nazism." "The Rebellion"is an album with only Quechua song titles and about fighting Spanish invasion, could easily fool those who don't know better.
Also Nazghul is silly Satanism posing other than the song "Hammer of Hate."
Warspirit has album titles "Heritage," "Southamerican Homophobic Division," "Iron Eagle," and "Totalitarian Supremacy Against Judeo-Christianity" each with swastikas or other fascist symbols on covers.

Demonahuj or Atuk is an Ecuadorian Nazi with huge swastika and other Nazi tattoos.
Many Atis and Urku songs have Quechua titles or are about Quechua history. Golden Wolf and Grimorum are either rock out or silly Satanism songs.
Lapida is outright fascist with fascist logos.
Songs include "Guerra racial" (Race War), "Puto bar" (Fag Bar), "Anti GLBT," "SS Metal," "Achtung!" "Kontra Sión" (Against Zion or Jews), "Final Solution," and "Guerrero de la insignia nacional" (National Insignia Warrior) with a group of fascists on the cover.

MorsKult is the project of Tecuhtli Nexcoyotl AKA Ricardo/Rik. He's been in half a dozen other bands or projects not Nazi. Photo of him is in a mask holding a knife trying to look scary but only looking like a pale skinny scared kid. Album "Mictlan Krieg." Mictlan is the Aztec afterlife. Some titles in Nahua.
Frauds / Re: Nazi Black Metal (NSBM) Bands/Performers Posing as Native
« Last post by educatedindian on June 11, 2024, 10:39:34 pm »
Chalchiuhtotolin album cover with a white supremacy symbol in the middle.
Their lyrics rewrite Aztec history to make up a deity called Iron Dragon to appeal to Nazis. Dragons weren't known to Aztecs and iron was only used rarely.
AES/AESDM/Juan Gonzalez appeared on two Nazi labels, Barbatos for a compilation and Nostalgia for his band Ixtlahuac. Most of the songs are on history and religion, not racism. Born in MX, now living in CA. He could just be very naive or willing to overlook all the Nazism.

The central figure in Nostalgia Records putting out Nazi music calls himself Winter AKA Lord Hate real name Josue Galvez. Projects include:
1932 named after the year of the massacre of Natives in El Salvador, falsely accusing them of communism.
Titles include "Por la patria" (For the Fatherland), "Orgullo nacional" (National Pride), "N.S.D.A.P." the original initials of the Nazi Party, and "Vinlandic Pagan Madness."
Ancestral Forest titles include "Anti-ZOG" and "Días de nacionalismo" (Days of Nationalism). His bandmate is an Argentine Nazi, AG88, also in Nazi bands Aryan Torture, I88 (88 is code for Heil Hitler), K88, Kampfgruppe, Kreigertod, and Ulven 88.
Ancestrus where he has some pseudo Native albums but also Neo Nazi titles like "Supremacía y honor" (Supremacy and Honor).
Cuzcatlán -named after the Pipil nation in what is now El Salvador. This could easily fool people if you don't know about his other Nazi projects.
Lamentun Noctis
- Nazi helmet on album cover. Put out by Aryan War Distribution.
Wolf Supremacy
-pretty silly werewolf themed band.

The other bands on the label:
Aeternum- Other than Kanye West, the darkest skinned man to ever be dumb or self hating enough to be a Nazi.
Nazis on album cover La Lucha Continua (The Struggle Continues). In German lucha would be Kampf, as in Mein Kampf.
Split with 2 other Nazi bands and Hitler on the cover.

Anti-Society seem to be mostly songs about depression, no Nazism. Same with D.O.O.M., Pact of Darkness, and Tenebra.
Frauds / Re: Nazi Black Metal (NSBM) Bands/Performers Posing as Native
« Last post by educatedindian on June 11, 2024, 05:22:31 pm »
More Nazis posing as Native.


Tillian Calmecac album cover equating Aztecs to Nazis, which they see as a compliment.
Split with other Nazi bands, album cover with swastikas.

Lead singer Kukuulcaan is in four Nazi bands, ARM plus three where he's the main songwriter.
His bandmate in Nexcoyotl calls himself Yaocuicatl Tlateotocaniis, here sieg heling with a swastika t shirt. And you can see YT is in 7 Nazi bands/projects.
Nexcoyotl compilation appearance- "Raza guerrera" (Race Warrior) on Ixachitlán: Frente Pagano Nacional Socialista (Nazi Pagan Front)

Culto Solar is another label that puts out Nazi black metal posing as Native, mostly pseudo Aztec.
1389   Nazis from Bosnia

Ah-Puch is a one man project of Lord Vestus, who has several other projects.
AP has a split with three other Nazi bands, Vultuus, Frozen War, Schwerkraft Most songs on all projects seem to be about depression and drug addiction.

Deathcamp, Dragón de Hierro, Eztlacuani, Mictlan, Tlateotocani, and Yaocuicatl all mentioned in last post. They were once part of ONSP.

Gothia is a one man Nazi project from Chile calling himself Mitra, swastikas in logo. He might be mixed, can't say from photo.
Compilation appearance "Guerra hitlerista" (Hitlerist War) on Centenario 1917 - 2017.
"Mein Black Metal Kampf" shows exactly that on the cover.
"El resurgimiento del héroe" (The Hero's Return) has an album cover showing Hitler as returning.
Split with 3 other Nazi bands, "Hail Wotan / Hail Quetzalcóatl / Hail Lucifer"
One of the others, Mollfuntun, are also from Chile. As you can if they have any Native ancestry it's distant. Doesn't stop them from claiming a famous NDN leader Lautauro as one of their own.

Misanthropic Kommando is a Nazi from Poland, doesn't try to pose as Native.

Raza Solar (Sun Race) is a one man project from Yaocuicatl Tlateotocani mentioned before.

Steingeist are Nazis from Brazil, but don't pose as Native.

Wintermoon seem to be some silly would be Satanists from 1985. I don't see any signs of Nazism or posing as Native.

Wolfssturm are Nazis from Spain, don't pose as Native.   
Frauds / Re: Ronald Lee Paulson AKA Warren or Warron Big Eagle
« Last post by debbieredbear on June 11, 2024, 05:01:45 pm »
Just updating this thread. Paulson is being released from prison, today, June 11, 2024, and going back to Shawnee, Oklahoma.  He is older, but still dangerous. Never forget that he's a child rapist and a murderer.

And a person has reached out to me saying they have proof that he has absolutely no Indigenous ancestry. 

If anyone in the Shawnee,  Oklahoma area reads this, please be aware of this dangerous man.
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