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Guatemalan Scholars Network
« on: April 30, 2006, 08:25:31 pm »
Bryant pointed me towards them. A human rights group of academics who have also written about how Nuage makes their work harder. Two of them denounced their former colleague, Martin Prechtel as an exploiter, which Trish reposted for us a while back.


Members works on these issues.
Robert Sitler The 2012 Phenomenon: New Age Appropriation of an Ancient Mayan Calendar."  Nova Religio 9.3 (Feb., 2006)
Walter Edwards Little
2002 “Skywatchers to New Age Performers: Yucatec Maya Culture Over Time,??? Faulty AbroadProgram, DePaul University, Chicago (Nov. 25).2002
PRESENTATIONS AT PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS2006 Discussant for the panel, for the Society for American Archaeology (April 27)2006 “Maya Daykeepers, New Spiritual Clients, and the Morality of Making Money,??? Society forEconomic Anthropology Annual Meeting, California State University, Channel Islands (April 21).
Central StatesAnthropological Society 70th Annual Meeting, Indianapolis (Mar. 9 - 12).1994 “Making the Maya Behave: Touristic Discourse and Discipline in Guatemala,??? American
W. E. LITTLE, CV 2005 p.9Anthropological Association 93rd Annual Meeting, Atlanta (Nov. 30 - Dec. 4).1994 “You Mean There are People Here: US Tourists Discover the Maya,??? Central StatesAnthropological Society 69thAnnual Meeting, Ethnicity: Global Perspectives (Mar. 17 - 20).1993
Queztil Castaneda
1995 March with Jeff Himpele (Anthropology, U.C. Fullerton), collaborative documentary video project on the new age spiritualist tourism at the equinox event of Chichén Itzá, México.

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Re: Guatemalan Scholars Network
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2006, 05:42:47 pm »
Thanks for looking further into this. These look like some great articles and papers that these people have come up with. I am also curious to find out what Mexican scholars have had to say about this sort of thing. I am sure that there has to be some investigations by either Mexican academics or journalists about the cultural looting on the part of US and European nuagers and their Mexican flunkies out there, and that it is just a matter of locating these people and their work and examining it. There is liable to be a virtual gold mine of material available, albeit much of it would have to be translated into English, I am sure.

What led me to find the Guatemalan Scholars was my researching the work of Joy Parker, the ghostwriter of Elaine "Elena" Avila, ? the notorious fake curandera who uses an eagle feather in her nuage dog-and-pony show. It turns out that Parker was the "editor" (read "ghostwriter") of a shameful book exploiting the Maya written by this ex-scholar-turned-nuuage-shaman. This, to me, seals the matter of Parker's credibility. She has none, and neither does Avila.