Author Topic: NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN James Robert "Runningfox" Moss  (Read 3154 times)

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NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN James Robert "Runningfox" Moss
« on: December 15, 2009, 01:03:07 am »
Any information on him?  He has 2 pages on Facebook, his personal page, and a group page "Perceptions of a Cherokee Elder",

Seems a little "not quite right" being a Cherokee in Great Plains regalia yet claiming to be Bahai in his profile.  I have no intentions of becoming a fan/contact but some of my friends already have. 
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Re: James Robert "Runningfox" Moss
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The two FB links in the O.P. are actually identical and do not work by now, but I found a Facebook profile that fits:  [James Robert Moss] (Now 82 years old.)

There are references to the Bahá’í (Bahai) religion and to Cherokee matters in the posts, but i didn't find any "Cherokee in Great Plains regalia" pictures; maybe they are there if you scroll down several years?

In several posts on his profile and in a few FB groups he identifies as "James Robert Runningfox Moss". Some examples found in these posts (my boldings in the quote):

The name given me by both my grand mothers and my parents right after I was born was " James Robert Red Fox Running"..I was named after my mom's step father and my dad's step father and my dad's mother added the Red Fox Running because as she was walking the trail that lead to the one room log cabin where I was being born a red fox ran across the trail in front of her..She believed in omens and to her the red fox running across the trail as she was going to the cabin to assist in my birth was a very good sign and she added it to my name as a spiritual name..After I became grown I shortened my spiritual name to Runningfox..

Same post here:

I also found the private FB group "Perceptions of a Cherokee Elder", where James Robert Moss is one of five Admins:  (11,9 K members)

A place for all people of good intentions to discuss opinions and perceptions on various things in life..If you want to discuss Native American Issues I request you find another group to discuss them because this is the wrong group to discuss those issues.This is not a Native American Indian issue only discussion group.

Group Owner
Dr. James Moss

Then there is this private group where James Robert Moss is the sole Admin:
[Admin Team: Perceptions of a Cherokee Elder]

IMHO it all looks quite harmless. NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN?

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Re: NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN James Robert "Runningfox" Moss
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I agree. Never any evidence of harm, falsehood, seeking profit. No cult, no abuse, and as a Bahai would hardly be the first one, or claim to be solely traditional.

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