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Serge "Kahili"King
« on: January 26, 2009, 08:42:41 pm »
please help us. two of the worlds WORST fraude will be joining forces in hawaii in march 2009 to dececrate preety much EVERONES culture at one time, and possibly cause irretreicvable harm to our poeple in Hawaii.
The NOTORIOUS Serge "Kahili" King, a liar, fraud, postulator, and all around pompous JERK who I thought we RAN off of Kauai has resurfaced. NOT only that, but his new foundation, the "Kalani retreat", whatever, is going to be hosing WHITE EAGLE FEATHER LADY, in some sort of fire mystery school thing. Now, Pele, our living breathing godess, who lives in Halemaumau, her traditionall home in Kilauea, we beleive is real. We beleive she is grandmother, mother. Now in Hawaii, all of these real blood Hawaiians sell their soulds to eat. THey allow their mana to get sucked away for a fee. They dont understand. They dont care. Most of them dont tell the truth either, they just lie, and play monkey ion a cage for these poeple. they hate them, lie to them, and still take their money.
But this is serious. with both of these poeple together doing their weird magic or whatever, we beleive Pele gets pissed off. And when she gets pissed off she does damage. She does not mess around.
SHE will be chargin FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS for her little fire mystery school thingie. PLEASE>>HELP TO STOP THIS, and the KALANI foundation, too, another froud just like hers. can u imagine the TWO of them in ONE place, right at Kilauea?...Pele will just go nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Serge "Kahili"King
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I keep thinking about your situation and what occurs to me is that one of the most significant events occurring in the world right now is the disastrous partnership between our environment's state of degradation, now reaching critical levels of unstoppable crisis, and the world's economy following suit. This is natural law. We have eaten our planet literally to death. Priorities are changing so fast that there is no more 'lazy' money to be squandered on fraudulent vanities such as self-titillation weekends at Kilauea waving wands with shabby charlatans. The frauds may have attempted to suck the marrow from culture's bones, but our ancient ones and our sacred ones have been more devastated by the poisoning of our waters, our lands, our oceans, our forests and our beautiful wilderness animals, by the vast sums of money being wasted on gambling when our children are going hungry, the huge amounts of money being spent  on drugs and alcohol when our children are being raped, abused and murdered.

We are the scourge of the earth and we carry the shame of the species known as human. 

We are going to have to face the fact that our own species' survival has rapidly become front and centre in our reality, and anyone stupid enough to pay these costumed 'nongs' so much for so little, cannot be saved nor swayed.

Please turn your face away from this painful illusion and quackery, it's day is almost done. I respectfully ask that you keep honouring your beloved Pele and all our mothers in a pledge to keep your sacred knowledge safe. Please stay alive. We must remember our cultural roots and how our grandparents kept us fed when there were no shops, no electricity, no blanket factories, no buses into town, no movies, hair straighteners, no fast food, no shamanic holidays in Hawaii. This is how we will make it, by teaching our children how to find shelter and conserve seeds and water, and stay warm/keep cool.

Frauds and charlatans..... your time is up...

Let us all keep vigilant watch as the cancellations come pouring in. My prayers are with you.