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In Belgium!
Big Ripp-offs for Sacred Stone in my country (Belgium) and the Netherlands.
Jim Graywolf Petruzzi and Johan Mariën, the "white Indian in Schoten (near Antwerp) are working together with Agape@Belgium, Marilyn Black Elk and Vernon Foster and others.
Selling among other "Traditional Native Spirituality", "Shaman courses (for women)" to the highest bidder, Sweat Lodges and a lot of Mumbo Jumbo at prices: € 110 (for a teaching by Marilyn Black Elk), € 140 and €180 for a sweat lodge with 'medicineman' Vernon Foster using, I quote: "the glowing grandfathers".
The money 'will be brought 'in person' (I quote)to someone (LaDonna Allard was mentioned) "Standing Rock" - "THE" Camp- "THE" Lakota Indians and last but not at all least : "To take the little children away to educate them en to shelter them against abuse."
That same gruesome tactics the catholic church used to ease the consciences of the Belgians during the years of colonization of Congo. "Give money for the poor little niggers in Congo" was the mantra in those days. And many did and no question asked! This is appalling!
For years (NAIS) work to expose them. But to no avail. Our stories about "Indians" are pragmatic, down to earth and about activisme and solidarity en foremost FREE! see more (Dutch):
What we need is a kind of official Disclaimer Notice from the people who's names are being abused! I know this is almost impossible to achieve and the frauds know that as well!

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Re: Jim Graywolf Petruzzi
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I have been trying to warn everyone here.   I am in the STOP SABAL TRAIL group.   I am disabled and was not able to get to the camps and out as much as I would have liked.    I had come to many of the same conclusions as you all.  Because of money the camp I tried to help was still infiltrated by them.   They kept promising help to the camp "leader." No one listened.   We never had a chance, it was all about cameras and money.   :'(   I am sad to find this thread although these are the feelings I have all along.  Adam Dubbin was the guy who laid the groundwork for Jim in FL.  Everyone of them I have encountered were super rude and dismissive to us women.  I was born in Bolivia, soy Pacena!   

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Re: Jim Graywolf Petruzzi
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I am in the STOP SABAL TRAIL group.
This was the first and only OFFICIAL PAGE for #StopSabalTrail, our former name.
We are now working to spread information and assist in pipeline fights and halting fracking and other extraction methods everywhere. [STOP THE SNAKE]
This was the first and only OFFICIAL GROUP for #StopSabalTrail, our former name (created in April 2014). We are now working to spread information and assist in pipeline fights and halting fracking and other extraction methods everywhere.
A Council decision was made in November 2016 to rename the group pages and organize under “Stop the Snake” but we waited until Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline went live before any changes were made.
The situation and our mission has changed, so the name was changed for the page to reflect this. Our goal has broadened to encompass all aspects of this movement to protect this big blue marble we call home. We're serving a larger audience than just Florida -- Sabal Trail Pipeline is also in AL and GA but the entire network of pipes in North America is where the fight needs to be taken.
This group originally sought to bring water/environmental protectors from other States to protest a pipeline in our back yard. We now seek to expand on that and bring awareness on a larger scale to help people in other locales. It's very short sighted to believe our future depends on stopping only one climate destroying, fossil fuel pipeline. This is a GLOBAL concern about foreign investors disguised in sheep's clothing to gain access to our resources or put our life sustaining resources at risk. If we don't start reaching out to our neighbors to help them, why would they help us with future fights? You can believe that there's another pipeline in Florida's future.
As for the relevance of this Group --- to keep it as "Sabal Trail Pipeline" is a moot point because the pipeline is in the ground. If you don't see our vision to help on a larger scale and a broader audience, please, politely just remove yourself. All the infighting is how Florida/Alabama/Georgia ended up with a pipeline in the ground and actively moving gas.
The BLACK snake only identifies with oil and not the threat of gas lines - so our scope is again, broader than just one aspect. Demonization of a specific color within a species is not acceptable to us. The "snake" is not just about a black snake and there is more than just one single prophecy that our work is built upon.
A pipeline stopped anywhere is a pipeline stopped everywhere. Unify or die.
***STOP THE SNAKE does not endorse specific organizers, organizations, events or camps. We only offer information to the community. Attend all events and gatherings and donate at your own risk and discretion.

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