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Hozho Healing WI
« on: June 18, 2017, 10:56:43 pm »
I have heard about this individual doing workshops around the state and some individuals know her or her father but neither of them have been active in the traditional Native community in WI, although they both attended colleges in Milwaukee.
She states she's Dine' but is doing Nuage practices and Inkan Shamanism of every culture but Dine' or a specific Native American tribe.
Reiki, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Peruvian, Opening your Third Eye, Sacred Directions Medicine Wheel-8 sessions for $2,050, Journey to Meet Your Power Animal, Connecting with your Spirit Guides,
Her teachers are all subjects of previous posts and have sites offering the same classes.
This is her web-site and Facebook page below. It's unfortunate if she is enrolled Native person that she is learning from proven non-Native frauds and passing on their fraudulent teachings for money.

"Kristina Nez Begay (Dine') is a Reiki Master and practitioner of energy medicine and shamanism. She has her bachelor degree in American Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is continuing her education in metaphysical science. Kristina has received teachings from many people, including Jose Luis Herrera, the shamans of Peru, Amy and Dave Wilinski, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Continuing to learn and share with her community, her deep connection with Spirit and Mother Earth enables her to travel between the worlds to bring information back to help people."


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Re: Hozho Healing WI
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Re: Hozho Healing WI
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Kristina Nez Begay does appear to be Dineh on her father's side only, but seems to have grown up far away from Four Corners. She does have a relative named Ernie Begay in Tuba City, though most of her family is in MN or Oregon. The first link that comes up for her is...interesting.

That site does wedding and engagement parties and bachelorette parties. She also sells a long line of sex toys, dildos, vibrators, plugs, lubricants, lingeries, bondage gear. There's no sign she's another Harley Reagan though. She just has two different ways to make cash.

Her shame on site has nothing remotely traditional or genuine there. That includes "Peruvian shamans." The only things possibly being Peruvian NDN are some textiles.

I see some "aromatherapy dreamcatchers," a "celestial bell" with a Muslim symbol, Euro faux-pagan oracle cards, ionic body charger, "Florida water" whatever that is, lavender detox bath, abundance cards, a third eye book, chakra pendants, even (you can't make this up) "poo spray." Spray deodorant for farts?

So that makes faux-NDN, faux pagan, faux Muslim, faux Hindu, and lots of general Nuage gibberish and altmedicine that's just useless if you're lucky. That, plus fake medicine wheel and shamanic healing classes, are more than enough to put her in Frauds. She doesn't have the excuse of age, she's in her early 40s.

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Re: Hozho Healing WI
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Yes Ernie Nez Begay is her father i'm told, and also that she is a former stripper and also bartender and manager of strip clubs.
So I guess if your willing to exploit yourself, there's no problem exploiting others?