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Ancient Cherokee Church of One God
« on: June 26, 2016, 05:41:53 pm »

Looks like they have a "tribe" in Mexico

A very good friend, someone I consider as a brother asked for some info about this organization and the people in charge, apparently my brother came across an advertised Ghost Dance for money.  This raised a red flag to him, again, any info is appreciated.  Sal
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Re: Ancient Cherokee Church of One God
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2016, 11:38:32 pm »
Here is a copy of their leader "White Chief" Regan Garrett "Waterhawk"  I read the about section and this Idiot claims he Represents the Cherokee Nation and has smoked a "peace pipe"

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Re: Ancient Cherokee Church of One God
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2016, 12:29:50 pm »
Their opening page has a pretty mangled history mixed up with actual events. There was a group of Cherokees who fled to Texas, were driven out, and another that fled to Mexico. Almost everything else they've written is false. They manage to mangle Hopi and Haudeosaunee beliefs while they're at it. Plus this that makes it obvious they're Nuage and affiliated with two obvious frauds:

"A skulls with a double row of teeth were discovered near Kanab, Utah in the early 1960s by Robert "Three Eagles" Shrewsbury, and Maternal Lenape / Paternal Keetoowah descendant, who was the named (but later politically usurped) successor to Chief Sam Grey Wolf of The United Eastern Lenape Confederacy. Chief Robert "Three Eagles" Shrewsbury has since located over 200 burials of Red Haired Giants in the American Southwest, and was the person who led Robert Ghost Wolf to man of them, who photographed and archived them on his website."

We have a thread on the UELN, and another on Robert Franzone AKA Ghostwolf, who was an Italian American con artist.

"Our leaders were threatened with trumped up charges, and threats were made by DEA gents to brand them as pedophiles, and leaders like James W. "Flaming Eagle" Mooney and is wife were threatened  with a life sentence in prison for using a sacred plant... but were eventually vindicated in a unanimous Utah Supreme Court decision. Our mother Native American Church was given permission to sue the D.E.A. in US Court, and that case will be heard beginning in the Fall of 2013. We av THREE unanimous courts decisions behind us, including one from The US Supreme Court.
Oklevueha Native American "Mother Church" and its independent branches, such as The Oklevueha Ancient Cherokee Church of The One God Yo Hee Haah,  are still being harassed by some circles of law enforcement..."

So this is one more branch of the phony Oklehueva that poses as NAC. Moved to Frauds.

There's also quit a bit more mixing together Mormon beliefs. To an extent these are white Mormons posing as Cherokee.

They sell merchandise, and their founder links to notorious fraud Wm Anderson AKA Blue Otter.

Another link repeats the Mormon claims.

FB page has a total of 46 likes. This bunch is tiny in spite of lots of links and promotion.
Lists Dripping Springs TX as their base.

Another page of theirs. Lists Regan Waterhawk Garrrett as "White Chief."

The fraudulent group Original Keetowah Society list them as authentic.

They bought the domain

Books they peddle.

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Re: Ancient Cherokee Church of One God
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2016, 06:28:18 pm »
Their site reads like a Dr. Bronner's soap bottle.