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Christine Wallace Overton
« on: October 10, 2005, 02:26:55 am »
Would be psychic claiming Hopi training. Most of her sites seem to be down, which I take as a good sign.
"Christine is known to the Native American Indians as "Loma Uh Na Ya", which is her Hopi name--meaning 'Beautiful Heart'.
Christine's Indian family decided to give her an honorable name, which was incorporated into a traditional ceremony in 1999. Her Hopi Indian name is "Loma Uh Nah Ya", which means "Beautiful Heart".... Her name she was told, was given to her because it represents a personage of pure heart, not just beautiful heart, but one who looks out for his/her stewardship above themselves, as a true mother to all. She will plan for, anticipate, sacrifice, and stand true to her calling to be a personage single in heart and aligned with goodness, humility, righteousness, forthrightness...the mother of Creation, who is the mother to all...
Although she is no longer married to their Sun Clan Chief and former Hotevilla President Dr. Loren Sekayumptewa, a Merwi ('Sister' in Hopi), is always family, even after death.
To Christine, her years on the Hopi Reservation situated in the southwest of Arizona were an honor and the most profound yet humbling form of education possible....
Christine rarely speaks of her time on the reservation as a form of respect to her family and clan there. She says, “The Hopi People are private and I will not discuss the spiritual gifts I was given, or discuss the religious ceremonies I was honored to share in. Sitting with my mother-in-law, sisters, daughters, aunts and others would often challenge my views and understanding of the white ways and this permanently changed me, in a good way.
I hold everything there sacred and dear to my heart....
I would often sit on the mesas and watch the Mecca almost of people wishing to enter the Reservation and praying prostrate on the sands. These people would be hungry for the touch of one of the spiritual elders there and were deeply moved by the teachings they would sometimes be given.
I have been blessed over the last seven years with profoundly spiritual Native Indian teachers. These elders from different tribal Reservations have seen something in me worth cultivating and each one of them has spent considerable time fine tuning my drumming, my songs, my gifts of insight and healing."