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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Survivors report that Chuck Spezzano has been invited numerous times to potlatches and Haida historical events, but he never honors those invitations. Instead he pushes people to provide venues and funds for his own events.

Elders and others say "Why hand over so much power to those people they are not even here?".

Survivors say that Chuck is a coward. That he may fire off his terrorist mind missiles in the form of his daily card readings, but he can not defeat First Nations communities.


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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This "crazy wisdom" stuff, looks like it is a Nuage guru's  favorite way of dodging responsibility. "This may hurt but it is for your own good" - an excuse for making people vomit, cry, scream, laugh hysterically in Chuck's seminars.

Osho/ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh claimed he was a master of crazy wisdom too.

Yes, Piff, and be sexually abused and hand over all your worldly possessions -- but it is for your own good, your "enlightenment".


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Chuck made use of the 9/11 tragedy for his next November newsletter.

Chuck Spezzano

September 11th was a wake-up call to Business, the West and all of us individually. Such an experience of personal and collective catastrophe depicts a mastery level test of human consciousness. We take such tests, either at a shamanic or mastery level, in an effort to leap up in consciousness. If we fail a shamanic level test it feels like our heart has been ripped out. A mastery level test is even more grave and if we don’t pass the test it feels as if our world has collapsed. These tests can either kill or gain power in consciousness for us.

In the next one hundred years the world will undergo more of a profound change than it has in thousands of years, and it is likely that Business will change most of all. This will occur because if the world is to change, and it must if we are to prevent catastrophic and cataclysmic events, Business will be both the fulcrum and the platform for this change. By giving birth to itself at a whole new level, it will become the midwife of the future.

To accomplish this level of leadership, Business must change both its ethics and its goals. It can no longer think in the short term but must take a long, wholistic view. Anything other than this will prove to be both self defeating and bad economics. When this occurs we all pay for the profit of a few.

Business can no longer afford attitudes of ‘take the money and run’ or ‘slash and burn’ economics. We must think ecologically, not just of the environment, but in terms of the whole world as one household. We must include off the ledger costs as well as those normally on it. Our new economic vision must include three generations in its outlook rather than just our own perspective. When we have included not only our children but all the children now and to come, Business will finally have the perspective that it is meant to have, not just now but one that works for all time.

The new Business, which will come from a place of high vision, integrity and leadership, will speak from a place of both common sense and right mindedness. This will be remarkably effective both in the long and the short run because it will no longer seek to take advantage or sell superfluous commodities that don’t add value. Business will maximize its effectiveness by right relationships, wholistic intent and global inclusion.

The September 11th attack was a wake up call for Business most of all. An attack was made on the symbolic center of Business, the World Trade Centre and it collapsed. This catastrophic event was carried out by terrorists, religious fanatics coming from disenfranchised people. The goal of Business in the next one hundred years is to enfranchise and include everyone. This is possible for Business in the next hundred if it first changes its attitude and goals.

To ignore the need for inclusion is a mistake of catastrophic proportion, which will gear the world toward war economies. War is always bad for Business, people and the environment. It engages in a win-lose attitude, rather than an integrative one. This produces loss and defeat in the long, and sometimes short-term, for any who continue in the win-lose way. Business must overcome what it sees as the dichotomy between profit and an all inclusive or Integrative Attitude.

The Integrative Attitude is initially a bigger challenge as it addresses the underlying quality of issues. It naturally recognizes the importance of learning and joining to find the way forward. This Integrative Attitude, which brings about new levels of partnership, also has greater ease, freedom, success and long term solutions.

Business must overcome its short-sighted, reactive approach, understand the long-term trends both in Business and Society to realize the remarkable opportunities present. Business vision must necessarily include the unfolding of world and societal progress as a major factor, otherwise it will still keep trying to conduct Business as it has always been done, which will fall far short in the coming times.

Business must become a true partner and friend to government because it will be called upon to support, help and share both the responsibility and leadership. It will instruct in better business practice and in some cases be called upon to bail-out and eventually take over many government services. It can only do this if Business’s goal changes from money and winning to wholistic, economic success and wellness. This will be not only for Business, but also for the population at large.

International companies will recognize that they are not just multi-cultural but transcultural, taking the best of all cultures into a new and unique culture, that helps people become citizens of the world.

Business will recognize itself as the key factor for unity, peace and prosperity in the next one hundred years. Business must carry the vision, keep the faith and lead the way for change.

This can only happen if there is a personal transformation of ethics. The longer Business tries to conduct business as usual, the more opportunities will be lost. Business has the potential to shorten time immeasurably in new levels of prosperity and unity. Business’s gift of taking advantage of opportunities and the desire for a greater effectiveness will be the inspiration which will initially move it to see a new and better way forward.

When we are motivated for a new vision in Business, which will work not just for those in Business but for everyone, it will occur. Whether we move forward through inspiration and truth or pain and necessity is up to us. Confucius once wrote that the smart horse moves at the shadow of the whip.

September 11th
The depth of the wound and the drama of September suggests a soul wound, something which was deep in our collective consciousness. Basically something of this magnitude comes directly from our unconscious. This means that the issue, though deeply repressed, erupts to the surface to be healed. These are parts of our own mind judged, fragmented, repressed and projected on the world outside of us.

The first and most obvious factor to be healed from the unconscious is that of shadow figures. In the last week I have heard people present Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, President Bush and the United States Government (for bombing) as shadow figures. Obviously, terrorist shadow figures reflect both our collective conscious, and our unconscious minds. We must each find the part of ourselves that we have judged, dis-enfranchised, repressed and projected and heal them.

Our thoughts, beliefs and self-concepts that we have buried, give rise to the world around us. Within our own minds these shadows are the parts that chase us in nightmares. They just want to come home; they are the parts that psychologically need to be accepted, welcomed back and re-integrated lest there be even worse times or challenges ahead.

Western society has been collectively poised at the brink of entering a new stage of partnership for the Earth, which has the effect of bringing about new levels of peace and prosperity. When we enter this stage, we finally will have the collective courage and willingness to re-open and re-enter the unconscious mind, which as children and adolescents most of us cemented over out of fear.

The unconscious or soul level of the mind contains those elements which, like the subconscious, are threatening to the ego. In this unconscious there are levels of pain and transcendent joy that we don’t want to face. There is within our unconscious mind the power of miracles and that which can transcend the natural laws. The unconscious mind contains a symbolic, mythic and energetic world full of ‘demons,’ ‘dragons’ and ‘treasure.’ As the unconscious comes to the surface we can face catastrophic or cataclysmic events or we can experience a time of unparalleled partnership, friendship and cooperation.

If we partially succeed as seems the case with the September 11th events, we will have aspects of both catastrophe and cooperation.

What occurs in the future for better or worse depends on all of us. The key factor is whether we take a healing attitude that brings us together or a reactive, judgmental attitude that divides us. We are now in a window of healing, grace and guidance flooding the Earth. This has been going on for the last two years and will continue for at least another eleven. This is meant to be the turning point in consciousness for the Earth, a stepping beyond dissociated independence and a real step into world partnership and interdependence. This will help everyone, even those not yet at this level.

If there is fear of this next step or if we fail to see the way then there will be some sort of catastrophic undoing. This is why it is important for all of us to commit to a better way, a next step. We have all experienced ‘undoing’ in our lives, where things were going forward smoothly and then fell apart in some form of sabotage. At a psychological level, all sabotage is really a form of self-sabotage and the ‘undoer,’ the ‘destroyer’ and the ‘terrorist’ are key shadow elements of our own mind. If we don’t accept and integrate these back into ourselves then we will have to face them again later.

On an international scale, even if we defeat the terrorists it will be only a stop gap measure for the next ten to twenty years and the problem will be worse next time. At this stage our responses and solutions must become qualitative rather than reactive. We must find a way to enfranchise and help all the people of the earth or there will remain a fertile breeding ground for terrorists.

We must effectively raise the consciousness of the Earth, healing ourselves, joining in partnership, friendship and raising the standard of living for the whole earth.

For the most part what we can do personally has to do with watching our own minds. We will either be part of the solution or part of the problem. We must remain proactive through attitudes of friendship and healing ourselves or we will fall into the traps of fear, negativity and power struggle. Going forward together with confidence is precisely what we need for the world to move into this new stage of friendship, partnership and collective prosperity. A war or any type of conflict reflects a war within ourselves and it generates fear it which also reflects a fear of going forward as in any power struggle.

Our stepping up and positive attitude is the biggest contribution we can make toward peace at this time. This gives us the awareness of our need to heal and join when we get reactive, angry, depressed or fearful. We can only suffer pain or become reactive in fear or anger when we have acted negatively toward someone.

One easy way to correct our mind is to re-choose and respond to that person with love and compassion. This attitude of no-judgement doesn’t permit others to hurt us as that would set us both back, but it allows us to act and respond in such a way to always make the situation better. Only with love will a situation get better. Only with love can there be a miracle or a jump in consciousness.

What we can do is to frequently examine our feelings and our attitudes toward those with whom we work and live and those around the world. Anyone we are thinking or acting lovelessly toward is someone we could help rather than hinder. Whenever we judge someone, we don’t see them, we see the parts of ourselves that we dislike or hate. Through giving support and love we can all contribute and progress. Whatever we do, we will now do it together.

'The World and Business since September 11st' has been written for the soon to be published VISIONS magazine Volume 3, Fall/ Winter edition. If you would like

to receive a copy of VISIONS please contact your Country Coordinator, or

email Psychology of Vision Promotions LLC -

- and the issue will be mailed to you.
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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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The 10 Day Apprenticeship program to be held Tuesday, October 15 – Thursday, October 24, 2013 in Hawaii has sold out. 50 people, $3,000 tuition, unless you've already done their 100 Day, then you only have to pay 1,500. So even if everyone got the 100 Day grad rate, that is $75,000 the Spezzanos make. Just for that one event.

The apprenticeship tuition does not include lodging, food, or transportation.

In order to get that special deal of only $1,500, you've already done 30 days of other apprenticeship programs. Doing so would cost about $9,000 total. Plus you've taken the Steps to Leadership program, not really clear how much that costs, but it does cost, both money and time.

And there is more stuff you have to do. So a possible low ball figure of how much a person has spent before being eligible for the $1,500 apprenticeship rate is easily $10,000.

A person who has already invested $10,000 in POV, plus missed paid employment time, missed family and community time, has in the process had their brain washed over and over again. They've been love bombed and generally messed over.

Now they can pay for the apprenticeship. Plus their travel, lodging, food, missed work time etc. For about 10 days they are worked over some more.

Probably they want an hour worth of one on one with Chuck Spezzano, that costs $1,000.

There are books and study materials to buy, Then people can take the Mastery Program, $4,000. This gives you a 10 day event, webinars through out a year, 50% off of a coaching session.

At this point, you probably sound like this:

I look in your eyes and feel God’s beauty
Way beyond and transcending any role, rule or duty
Feeding us to fullness on every level
Helping us to eradicate every demon and devil
Working tirelessly to get us all here to this spot
Where we can each go inside and untie every knot
We wholeheartedly thank you over and over again
Helping us all to heal every problem, hurt, wound and/or pain
You are part of God’s Foundation that feed our souls
Helping to reach Oneness as our only goal
You help raise our Spirit’s in delightful ways
You truly are the Brilliance of God’s Great Rays

And you probably now want to become a POV trainer. In order to do that, one requirement is to be able to "pass on Miracles easily". Along with all the other hefty costs for continuing seminars and sessions, the entry level fee is $4,500.

Once you are a trainer you cannot rest. You have to keep to a strict schedule of requirements, and you keep paying $.


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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I wondered if the Spezzano's two children were involved in the family business, but it appears they are busy elsewhere.

Christopher Haokalani Spezzano is a photographer and seems to be living now in New York and working for a media company.  He is a photographer and has posted quite a few photos online and, from what I can gather, sells them and donates the proceeds to charity.  I attached one of his photos of his dad at the beach that he posted on a blog.  Chunk's (Chuck's) hair was darker then, since the photo was posted in 2004.

J'aime Leilani Spezzano is an actress/artist.  I wonder if she taught Lency any of her moves?


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Chuck tells followers that if they are stuck in traffic and late for something, they can use their minds to slow things down, suspend time. They should relax as they do this, and then they will arrive at their destination in plenty of time. Chuck suggests this often and really wants followers to try it, whenever people are busy and possibly going to be late.

Ex-members say that practicing this altered state of consciousness while driving a vehicle is not safe, and may be partly responsible for the apparent higher rate of accidents followers get into.

Lency Spezzano often tells people during her performances that nothing is real, everything is just a projection upon an imaginary screen. Lency taps her water bottle and says that this and everything else, is not real.


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Everyone has to sign waivers and have this witnessed and cosigned before being allowed into a workshop room. The waiver states that POV is not accountable for any outcome from participating in the workshop. People are not given copies of this.

There is no informed consent. No info given on the true credentials of the Spezzanos and trainers, no license number given, no accurate description of techniques and methods used, and no time frame given as to how long treatment will be. There are no evaluations written up and available in client files.

Chuck Spezzano says his goal is to bring psychology to the world, but this is not about healthy psychology at all. He's not licensed, he is not supervised, he doesn't give informed consent, and he is experimenting on people while he takes their money.

Under these circumstances, Chuck and Lency and their trainers should never be working with Residential School Survivors, especially never with their memories.

Quotes from survivors researching POV:

When we began to research more about the care of Residential school survivors , trauma treatment was mentioned many times. As we researched trauma treatment we  discovered that there are serious laws and regulations around trauma treatment and mental health. If residential school survivors are entering a process of trauma treatment and especially memory trauma treatment there are standards of care that licensed practitioners are responsible for. If deemed that malpractice occurred than the following standards of care would be violated:

1)     failure to secure consultation or supervision

2)     practice in isolation, the quality of which significantly departs from the quality of practice generally accepted by the peer community

3)     failure to adequately document the treatment

4)     failure to demonstrate knowledge of and adherence to mental health law and ethical principals

5)     failure to demonstrate knowledge of or ability to utilize in treatment the available authoritative clinical & scientific literature on trauma treatment

Unlicensed practitioners may not be sued for malpractice but they certainly may be sued for negligence.

Hypnosis should be used only by licensed health and mental professionals with advanced degrees within their area of expertise. Lay persons using these techniques with potentially traumatic material may be illegally practicing psychotherapy. Those who conduct trauma treatment need to be qualified.

At a minimum professional practice entails meeting the requirements for licensure as a health service provider at an independent level, this means the practitioner has fulfilled the minimum requirements of successfully completing an accredited organized clinical degree and a program including its requirement participation in a number of supervised clinical practica, an intensive clinical internship , residency, and or post-doctoral fellowship.

Those who are not licensed at an independent level are expected to practice under the supervision of licensed professionals who have clinical and legal responsibility  for their cases.

Therapists using hypnosis should be familiar with the most current legal rulings in their jurisdiction regarding admissibility of hypnotically refreshed recollection. Therapists should have a working knowledge prior to doing trauma treatment: developmental theory, models of memory, suggestibility, trauma theory ,dissociation ,psychopathology and assessment.

A therapist has a duty to sufficiently inform a prospective client about the nature of the treatment to be provided ,especially about its limitations and risks.

These notes are from Memory Trauma Treatment and The Law, recommended reading for those who have been mistreated .


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Lency Spezzano has replied to some of the comments on Youtube that are critical of her hypnosis videos:

 Lency Spezzano 12 hours ago

Dear Sal R, I can understand that the healing? method is not understood by you - it is? a radical technique that requires emotional courage - clearly not for everybody. But why the character assassination? Why go to every video we have shared on Youtube to leave the message that we are cons running a scam? Is that the only motivation you can imagine for what we do - money? All the seminars that Chuck and I have taught in First Nations communities were ones we donated; feedback is always great

 Lency Spezzano 12 hours ago

There are about 50 of us PoV Trainers around the world, and so far none of us has gotten rich off leading the trainings. :) It? is a high overhead business, and it is a challenging lifestyle. Calling PoV seminar participants "victims"? whom we hypnotize and abuse is an insult to thousands of people world-wide who truly value the work.

 Lency Spezzano 12 hours ago

If we were damaging? people we? would have heard about it from them, or from witnesses of that abuse. What is your motivation for attacking us so strongly? I know some people enjoy writing nasty things on the internet, but you clearly have your own agenda.
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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Survivors report that Chuck and Lency Spezzano are often told that their workshops have caused serious damage in people's lives.

One participant, a native women, "actually said right to Lency's face in front of a large first nations workshop in North vancouver (the room was probably about 200 participants) that she felt it was a mind fuck what she was experiencing" from their work. The woman said she had done a seminar in June, and it was now October, and she was still suffering and not coping very well.

"Lency stood up front of everyone and said yes, this is a mind fuck, that is what we are doing here."

No compassion or concern was shown for the woman reporting distress.

Lency has often spoken publicly about being called a cult leader, her reply is that people just don't understand, that POV is all about healing, and any who criticize are just trying to attack their healing work.

"It doesn't matter what complaint you have , they will always turn it into an issue of 'rebellion, shadow, or the dark soul patterns' "

Some people have experienced psychotic events from POV that have affected their lives for years.

Some people have been kicked out of POV trainings, one woman for having an extreme reaction, one man for being too sexually aggressive, among others.

People who have been damaged aren't checked in on, there is no healthy supportive follow up, they are considered rejects and throw aways. Of  course, it is actually good that POV doesn't continue to mess with them, it gives people an opportunity to recover.

Hopefully anyone who has been damaged and rejected by POV will get help. Don't believe what Chuck and Lency Spezzano say, they are con artists.


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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In 2009 Chuck and Lency Spezzano did an event in California - Next Evolution: Mastery of Heart, Mind, & Spirit

The Next Evolution
Mastery of Mind, Heart, & Spirit

October 10-12, 2009
Marina Del Rey, California
The new era that lies before us provides a tremendous opportunity to:
• Evolve Your Self
Evolve Your Health
• Evolve Your Relationships
• Evolve Your Prosperity
The 3-day seminar will include:
• Practical Tools to Live a Happier Life
• Healing Skill Development Exercises
• Yoga and Meditation

Psychology pioneers Chuck and Lency Spezzano will be leading sessions for people on the healing path, whether the goal is self-discovery or a desire to deepen intuitive insights.
Learn how to:
• Bring to light harmful issues from within and resolve them quickly
• Inspire creativity, purpose and fulfillment
• Find solutions where everyone wins

Leading yoga instructor and sound therapist, Guru Singh is an authority on Kundalini Yoga and an accomplished composer and musician. He will be facilitating the use of meditation, yoga postures, mantra and sound to restore physical, mental and emotional harmonies.
Learn how to:
• Use mantras in combination with rhythmic breathing to sharpen your mental focus
• Become aware of and use your prana – life force – to heal and empower yourself
• Remove patterns of competitive, limiting emotions and thoughts
• Achieve the sacred purpose of your life

3 days - $595

In Lency's promo video she says that she and Chuck "resonate" with Guru Singh's vision.

Guru Singh

Guru Singh is a devotee of Yogi Bhajan
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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Dec 2009 Facebook note from Lency Spezzano:

This evening Chuck and I initiated 20 Apprenticeship participants into becoming Oneness Blessing Givers. Such a sweet evening! Thank you AmmaBhagavan! XXXXXXX

Also from 2009:

Chuck has finished a wonderful training for Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Taiwan

Lency and Chuck are back home together in Oahu, Hawaii together after their travels to Europe, Canada, USA, China, Taiwan, Singapore (and that's just recently) They've facilitated healing with Buddhist Monks and Nuns. First Nations of BC. Executive Chinese Businessmen and women. A very, very wide range of European, Asian, North American, South American, Australasian and African men and women. children, babies and parents fathers and grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers (add 'Great' to elders).


We had a spectacular day of healing for our PoV Steering Committee, and our Trainers' Conference opened with a beautiful day of sweet grace via Chuck. Day Two will be mine. Every day more Trainers are initiated as Blessing Givers as well. Profound commitment to the coming victory of mankind.


In the early days, I would stand in front of the seminar group and, by simply loving them, make people cry.

Skype Enlightenment Process:

I'm not going to attempt to pull the Apprenticeship participants into enlightenment, because the group mind isn't stable enough. Some people would be overwhelmed and frightened by the self discovery. I will wait to do the enlightenment process in my 5 day seminars, or in private sessions, where everybody there knows what they are getting into.


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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I wondered if the Spezzano's two children were involved in the family business, but it appears they are busy elsewhere.

Christopher Haokalani Spezzano is a photographer and seems to be living now in New York and working for a media company.  He is a photographer and has posted quite a few photos online and, from what I can gather, sells them and donates the proceeds to charity.  I attached one of his photos of his dad at the beach that he posted on a blog.  Chunk's (Chuck's) hair was darker then, since the photo was posted in 2004.

J'aime Leilani Spezzano is an actress/artist.  I wonder if she taught Lency any of her moves?

Interesting that neither of the Spezzano children look to be POV trainers, "Oneness Blessing Givers", or working other types of nuage seminar scams.

Chuck has three siblings, his brother has been listed in public records at the same address as Chuck and Lency, but haven't seen mention of him being active with the company.

Lency is involved in an Arizona business with her brother


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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I assumed that the Spezzanos were doing their own spin on Oneness Blessings, but I'm wrong, this is straight up Oneness Movement.

Pam Carruthers, a POV trainer:
Pam is now a Oneness Blessing Giver, so the Grace and healing is accelerated for everyone.

From Lency's Facebook:

December 8, 2009 at 2:08am

This evening Chuck and I initiated 20 Apprenticeship participants into becoming Oneness Blessing Givers. Such a sweet evening! Thank you AmmaBhagavan! XXXXXXX


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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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Fulfilling the Promise, Living the Vision
Dr. Chuck and Lency Spezzano.
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, USA
October 16, 17 and 18, 2002.

Many promises were made by the US government to American Indian tribes to provide care and support for material necessities and responsibility for cultural preservation as outlined by the United States Trust Doctrine. These legal and binding agreements and compacts are known as "Treaties". Often times, US government and military representatives traveled to First Nation territories and communities to meet with and hold council with tribal leaders in order to make these agreements official, formal and legal. American Indian tribes and their leadership accepted and hosted these historic treaty meetings with the utmost sincerity and seriousness. Under traditional protocol persons were identified and introduced, words shared, explanations given; then under the perception of truth, negotiated terms were agreed upon, consecrated by a ceremony and blessed with a prayer, the Creator being a witness to both the spoken and written word. These treaties were the supreme and final communion from one human being to another, from one nation to another for the good of the people and generations to come. It is important to note that during many of these treaty negotiations tribal leaders and nations agreed to these treaties under great duress and hardship i.e. starvation, disease, forced relocation and loss of life, and many times limited English was only known and spoken by Indian interpreters.

Four hundred and fifty five treaties were signed by the US government and American Indian tribes. The US government violated provisions in everyone of these 455 treaties. American Indians never once violated or broke their word in any one of those 455 treaties. Today, American Indians live and see the consequences of those broken promises; they face ongoing challenges in achieving the quality of life and existence for which their ancestors sacrificed their lives, land, language, traditions and natural resources, all for the love of their children, elders, women and future generations.

As descendents of First Nations, it is difficult to forget the sacrifices, injustices and suffering experienced by ancestors and grandparents. Events such as Cherokee removal and the Trail of Tears and the Navajo Long Walk are important historical lessons that still profoundly impact native communities today. Through processes of healing and reconciliation, we can continue to address and support quality of life choices in respective native communities and governments in order to facilitate a process that Indian people may define, identify and promote integrity, empowerment, joy and vision.

Psychology of Vision is a healing model used around the world. It has proven very effective in facilitating and supporting the healing of First Nations people and communities. Through the marriage of the principles of psychology and spirituality, POV introduces a model of wellness and healing that heals the "traps and blocks" in the mind and uncovers the hidden gifts everyone has.

The POV model addresses and challenges individuals through processes of integration and joining, calling upon the help of the higher mind to seek and embrace higher vision as well as accepting Grace and Joy as part of life's experience. POV has been proven to work with people of all ages, cultures, and spiritual beliefs. POV workshops are currently held in North America and Hawaii, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Since 1991 Chuck and Lency Spezzano have been traveling to different areas of British Columbia, Canada, working pro bono with First Nations, reaching a greater number of people who otherwise would not have experienced the POV model. This has facilitated the healing of hundreds of people/families affected by the devastation caused by residential schools in Canada (known as boarding schools in the U.S.). While attending a healing retreat in Canada in June 2002, Fidel Moreno was particularly impressed and moved by witnessing such profound healing of survivors of these residential schools. Fidel's experience of this work has expanded his vision of the healing of American Indian communities in the U.S.; he has witnessed how Psychology of Vision really addresses issues such as multi-generational grief, depression, anger, rage and violence as well as historical traumas. His vision in assisting American Indian communities was one shared by the Spezzanos, who had been praying to meet someone to help them share their gift of the Psychology of Vision with American First Nations people.

Bringing Chuck and Lency Spezzano to Canyon de Chelly is fulfilling Fidel's vision of introducing Psychology of Vision to the First Nations of the United States. Chuck and Lency have agreed to facilitate, pro bono, this 3 day retreat/workshop for the Díne First Nation.

In the last four years the Spezzanos have fund raised well over $200,000 to train a number of First Nation facilitators and an even greater number of First Nation students committed to becoming facilitators. These First Nation facilitators are currently involved in First Nation communities, providing healing through the teachings of POV as well as continuing to work on themselves. Some of these First Nation facilitators will be involved in the 3 day retreat at Canyon de Chelly located in Chinle, Arizona.

This 3 day retreat and workshop will address historical trauma, multi-generational grief, family and relationship issues, problem solving (which may include addiction or health issues) and cycles of violence. Exercises of integration and joining will focus on self-value, self-healing, family healing and community wellness through higher mind, higher purpose and higher vision workshop processes. We are asking for your agency and your branch of the Díne Nation to support the Canyon de Chelly retreat and the healing of First Nations people by posting and distributing information regarding retreat/workshop dates and location to as many agencies and programs as possible. Fees for workshop/retreat are being waived for First Nations participants of the US; each participant will be responsible for their travel, lodging and food expenses and arrangements. The retreat/workshop fee for non-First Nation participants is $650USD. Everyone is welcome.

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Re: research needed on Chuck Spezzano's " Psychology Of Vision healing model"
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I don't know if Fidel Moreno (Healing Winds ) has done any further work with Psychology of Vision. He does have many POV people on his Facebook friends list, including Chuck Spezzano.

I haven't found any post reviewing the Canyon de Chelly 2002 event, nor any evidence that POV did further trainings there.

Looking through past archived POV forums - there are many distressed, hurting, confused people posting, asking questions and sharing life challenges with POV people who are not trained, not licensed, not keeping health confidentiality, with people giving really bad advice.

Serious depression, abusive relationships, addictions - all answered with psychobabble.

Lency gives some particularly bad advice in these forums. No matter what the issue, Lency will suggest more "joinings". more hypnosis, more indoctrination into the POV cultic mind.

Chuck & Lency are a form of cancer quacks, as are their trainers who preach the gospel of This Healing A-Z stuff looks an awful lot like Louise Hay's Heal Your Body A -Z book

Trainers have to keep recruiting, keep developing followers, keep churning out workshops, in order to keep their trainer status and perhaps advance. Trainers doing workshops for women with breast cancer are especially appalling because their motivation is to keep their POV training status, and because the psychobabble blames the victim.

Chuck Spezzano likes sci-fi and fantasy books, this is evident in his "teachings". His divination card for today is:

HEALING THE SOUL STEALER SHADOW is the card for today. This is a person who through the use of unconscious, magical power is able to leach off energy and even stop someone's evolutionary progress by seemingly stealing their very souls to use the energy for their own dark magical ends. It is a rare shadow but one whose hatred within us can lead to virulent self-attack. it is time to forgive these beliefs about our- selves and melt down the shadows to add their energy to our wholeness

This is a great example of how Chuck Spezzano works hard to keep his followers scared. This is an example of his creating a false us vs. them dynamic. Chuck and Lency keep their followers close, and tell them that the outside world just doesn't understand, isn't mature enough for POV healing, and that it contains danger.

Followers of Chuck and Lency Spezzano can never rest. Because not only do they have to fear outsiders, they also have to fear their own internal bad stuff that supposedly rises from their psyches for healing. Also, any problems POV followers see in their environment are supposedly their own inner bad stuff rising up for healing. This is endless. Chuck cranks out divination card readings, books, newsletters, to keep people hooked on his every word, as if he has answers for everything. Chuck even claims that he has special understanding of political and world events. And followers end up doing things like joinings with their idea of Dick Cheney as a result.
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