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Re: Ravencrow and RNS Admin Throw a Fit
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How funny Sonja (Katterman) Lloyd  has to go about all of yahoo 360 and tell stories to various other "internet indians" like thats making me bummed out , in fact its making me laugh even more! birds of the same feather flock together as the saying goes.

If you all can remember she stated I was doing a card scheme now it changed to twineagle2crows , of which heres a post about this ELN member selling his cards on RNS;

I have a up todate drivers lisc. and I have no criminal record. For all these people that claim to know me and did some "looking up" on me.

They missed a ton of facts;

NRA member
Recently purchased a hand gun as of yesterday .44 magnum special to be exact.
Member of a local gun club/range.
Purchased a long gun in August of last year.
(If I have a criminal record I would not allowed to have any of these things.)
Own 2 vehicles.
My name is clearly on the titleof this house we live in  along with my mother and fathers , and might I add father is partially disabled and a diabetic requiring some one to be around with him half a day , mother is needing a hip replacement, she had her gall bladder removed in july of last year.
And another fact they obviously missed when pertaining to my local police department. They know who I am very well ,  have a cousin who is a patrolman. OH-OH-OH!

Heres some more hard hitting truth when it comes to finding out who's enrolled into the EBCI.

For anyone enrolled after 1924 you would need to check with Tribal Enrollment, PO Box 455, Cherokee, NC.  28719.  Twice per year, they print name only of all enrolled members.

If one is a subscriber to the Cherokee One Feather , they also print the same thing in their newspaper twice per year.

When it comes to see if anyone is enrolled in the CNO

Ask to see their Cherokee Citizenship cards.

June Pike
Volunteer for Cherokee FIRST

So this claim of "paperwork" to find out who is enrolled is B.S. and it clearly shows Mrs Lloyd doesn't know what the hell she is talking about along with a few other people that she cohorts with. {laughs}

It never fails to amaze me the levels people stoop when they get ratted out for the  phonies, liars, cheats, frauds, snake-oil salesmen, weirdos, and jackasses they really are.

But please don't stop all the B.S. on my request , matter of fact keep it up. I like watching folks dig themselves a deeper hole than they are already are in.

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Re: Ravencrow and RNS Admin Throw a Fit
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Plus they claim they told the right people in the Military their story that is so damaging to me. Whatever is what I say.

 where? did I miss this or is she talking about my suggestion that we should show this to the airforce?

 I have a 360, I should go be her friend. (under a different screen name, so she would have no idea who I am)

by the way, I looked at her blog.  she scares me.
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feel free to share any post I make as long as you give me credit. I want everyone to know who to send the hate mail to.

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Re: Ravencrow and RNS Admin Throw a Fit
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I feel I need to say this as well.

  she claims to follow the true path, and then claims that those here and elsewhere are not on the true path, and says that if they were they would not {insert list here}. she then goes on to do the things she claims should not be done. I know you are reading this, allow me to inform you of some things, mainly me.

       I am a christian, I have studied a wide range of religions including new age spirituality. I am also white.  you claim some distant relative was indian, so you are too. my fathers great great grandparents were pure blood, (i used to know which tibe when I was younger, but don't remember now, as to me it is unimportant)which makes me as indian as this chair I am sitting in.
 Everything you say on your blog shows that you do not take any of them seriously. A Christian would never be a witch(by the way, there are a couple different kinds, which flavor are you?) for to pray to any deity other than the creator would be considered idolatry. A which would never brag about their powers, or threaten to use them to attack another.(the 3 fold rule). the only ones who would do such things are evil, and care not about the 3 fold rule. The words you use and the behavior you show online speaks more of the church of satan(anton leveys') then any christian, pagan, or native religion.

  You have mentioned how spiritual you are, yet those who are truely spiritual, listen to others with respect, even their enemies( for ones' enemies can often point out flaws that need to be worked on).  The truly spiritual person seeks always to learn, to improve, to live at peace with all men taking up the sword only to right wrongs or to correct injustice.
   You have claimed that the people of this and other forums are racists, hateful and generaly bad people. yet you engage in the very things you claim they are doing that is wrong!  You claim they are not true Natives, but have fallen off the path. How can you claim such a thing? which path? which tribe? do you even know that there are differences?

  I have in the past said some very harsh things about christians. I can, because I AM one. I know what we are supposed to be doing as opposed to what we do do(or don't as is most often the case).  How can you, who have no real experiance or first hand knowledge of these peoples way's, tell them they are wrong, and you are right? You have admited that most of your knowledge comes from books, how then can you say to a real actual indian who tells you you are wrong, that they don't know what they are talking about?
  You see, I studied the various religions from their own writings, not the christianized version, because I wanted to know the real belief behind them. If I mentioned something I learned in a book, and someone came to me and said that I was wrong because they are of that religion/people group, I would annoy them to death with questions, making sure of my facts, asking for other sources. Why? because that is what a person concerned with the truth does. only those who care only for their favorite version refuses to do this.

   so far you seem to be the kind of person who cares only for your version, and unwilling to find out the truth. Because of this, you not only deceive others, but open yourself to deception.
  By the way, about the rolls. If I as a white called up the tribe someone claimed to be from, and said "I found {insert name here} and they said they are a member of your tribe, is that true?" I bet they would be happy to confirm one way or the other. I bet they would like to know that someone is claiming something false so they can take action to put a stop to it.
  About this forum and others being racist. There are a lot of natives that hate white people. I don't blame them. Sometimes when I look around at what has and is going on in the world, I don't like white people much either. funny tho, I have never seen on here any one of them actually say anything hateful directly to any of the white members. So it seems to me to be a hatred in general. 
  Now, for those forums and pages that are native only, you say that is racist. No, it isn't.
  You forget that it is not just race, but also nations. a group, or site for europeans only would not be racist. Just as many nations make up europe, so many make up the native populations of the world. discussing things that concern them without interference from those who have no clue is not racist. 

But according to you, if the {cherokee, or sioux, or {insert nation here} put up a site just for them, then that would be racist, and If they did, I should care why? the other nations should care why? Only an idiot would want to belong somewhere they were clearly not wanted, and complain about it.
feel free to share any post I make as long as you give me credit. I want everyone to know who to send the hate mail to.

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Re: Ravencrow and RNS Admin Throw a Fit
« Reply #33 on: March 22, 2008, 08:54:53 am »
Very well said "LOM"
Blind unfocused anger is unproductive and can get you hurt.  Controlled and focused anger directed tactically wins wars. Remember the sheath is not the sword.

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Re: Ravencrow and RNS Admin Throw a Fit
« Reply #34 on: March 23, 2008, 03:29:28 am »
Please visit our forum to see Ravencrows latest handywork of racisim and disrespect....seems this woman doesnt know when to quit...yet you'll see how she's tripped over her own lies this time...very clearly...hysterically funny... :)

Ive posted in our own forum since we've shown an ip number, and I have no wish to bring further trouble or indeed harrassment here to NAFPS.

With respect,

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Re: Ravencrow and RNS Admin Throw a Fit
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